America’s Got Talent August 14, 2013 Results 8/14/13

America’s Got Talent season 8 week 4 live results show airs tonight! Again, four among twelve acts who performed last night will advance to the semifinals and the rest will go home. Who do you think will move on to the next round?

This week’s performers were 3Penny Chorus & Orchestra, Chloe Channell, Champions Forever, SensEtion, The Robotix, Timber Brown, Cami Bradley, Tummy Talk, Taylor Williamson, Aerial Ice, David Ferman and Jimmy Rose.

Among these acts, only Tummy Talk got exed by the judges – Howie Mandel.

From these 12 performers, my favorites were Chloe Channell, SensEtion, Aerial Ice and The Robotix. I don’t have any more choices since I thought last week was better. What do you think? Who were your favorite acts last night?

Like in the previous weeks, three acts who got the most votes will advance while the judges will choose the fourth act among the acts who placed 4th and 5th from America’s votes. If the judges have split decision, the contestant who got the higher vote moves on to the semifinals.

Again, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results tonight as live updates will be provided. The next four acts who advanced on America’s Got Talent’s August 14, 2013 results show will be provided, as always.


Backstreet Boys is the guest performer tonight!



1. Jimmy Rose

2. Timber Brown

3. Cami Bradley

4. Taylor Williamson



1. 3Penny Chorus & Orchestra

2. Champions Forever

3. SensEtion

4. The Robotix

5. Tummy Talk

6. Aerial Ice

7. David Ferman

8. Chloe Channell


** The judges choose between Chloe Channell and Taylor Williamson. Mel B and Heidi Klum voted Chloe while Howard and Howie voted Taylor. Due to this, it’s up to America’s votes and Taylor got more votes than Chloe.

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