America’s Got Talent August 17, 2011 Results 8/17/11

America’s Got Talent August 17, 2011 is the Wildcard acts results. Who will be two-step away from the grand prize? Do those who performed last night deserved another chance? Who will the viewers vote to advance on America’s Got Talent 8/17/11 results? The eliminated acts will be posted here as well.

Last night was like a battle between the judges as they seemed not to like the picks of each one, Morgan buzzing on most of the acts. He and Sharon Osbourne even had a shouting match when The Fiddleheads’ performed after he buzzed the group saying Bruno Mars was better than the group.

Anyway, our pick for the acts to advance are The Kinetic King, J Chris Newberg, Summerwind Skippers and Landon Swank. How about you? Who’s your pick?

Colbie Caillat and Les Miserables are the guests by the way.

Updates will be provided here as we always do. The contestants who advanced in America’s Got Talent August 17, 2011 elimination results and the contestants that are sent home will be provided.


The list of acts who advanced are:

– West Springfield Dance Team

– The Kinetic King

– Landon Swank

– Summerwind Skippers


The list of acts who were eliminated are:

– Shevonne

– Yellow Designs Stunt Team

– Avery and the Calico Hearts

– Charles Peachock

– Those Funny Little People

– Seth Grabel

– J. Chris Newberg

– The Fiddleheads


** judges chose between Summerwind Skippers and The Fiddleheads

9 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent August 17, 2011 Results 8/17/11

  1. Well, I agree that the Kinetic King and Landon Swank are going through. They were my two favorites for the night. I really like J Chris Newberg last night, while I had previously thought that he was not at all funny, and although I do personally hope he gets through I’m not sure if America will vote for him.

    I cannot for the life of me see Summerwind Skippers going through. I always get bored while watching them (which is sad, considering it is a 90 second routine) and there is no chance of them headlining a show. Plus, I saw at least one mistake.

    I really enjoyed Yellow Designs Stunt Team. I love how they make it theatrical and very entertaining. I could see them going through.

    I really have no idea who is going through.

    I have to add, I was so disappointed for Charles Peachock. He had been one of my favorites. I was surprised that he actually dropped something though– he had previously seemed perfect.

  2. Though I rooted for Avery and the Calico Hearts, I’m sure that Landon Swank will go through, Shevonne may go as well, if all three of the judges were for someone, that person may possibly have a good chance. I wouldn’t count Charles Peachock totally out, there’s a lot of pressure in that situation. Yeah, I think the stunt team can go forward as well. The judges seemed pretty sure that West Springfield didn’t step up to the plate with their routine and it’s my considered opinion that their total look would discourage people from buying their act.

  3. I voted for landon, kinetic king, fiddleheads, j chris new berg and avery and the calico hearts(even though they wont make it).

  4. Kind of surprised at the dance team, I am totally unimpressed by them when you compare them to the other talented dancers who are in the competition.

  5. Yay.! Im Happy Bout West Springfield Dance Team.!
    But Those Funny Little People.?! They are from mah hometown. I’ve seen them perform and i no how its done. A Little part of me just got eliminated :'(

  6. I am so with you Wendy-very unimpressed with them. They are very coordinated to be sure but do they actually do much dancing? Take the make-up off and the costumes and would anyone be as impressed? We’ve seen their “show” as Piers might say but have we actually seen real talent?

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