America’s Got Talent August 19, 2014 Live Performance AGT 8/19/14 Call Numbers

Tonight is the last quarter-final week on America’s Got Talent 2014! The last batch of finalists we haven’t seen for this part will be taking the stage tonight, and I’m hoping it won’t be that much boring like the past weeks.

Anyway, who are you going to vote for?

There’s going to be child card throwing act, a magician, dance groups, singing groups and of course, acrobats.

Hope we are in for a good episode tonight.

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The list of acts are posted below. Watch out for the voting numbers soon!

1. Bad Boys of Ballet – Dance Troupe 1-866-602-4801
2. One-Voice – Children’s Choir Children Choir Group 1-866-602-4802
3. Jonah Smith – Band 1-866-602-4803
4. Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat – Child card throwing group 1-866-602-4804
5. Extreme Dance – Company Dance Group 1-866-602-4805
6. Emil and Dariel – Cellists 1-866-602-4806
7. Nina Burri – Contortionist 1-866-602-4807
8. Quintavious Johnson – Child Singer 1-866-602-4808
9. Mothmen Dance – Dance Troupe 1-866-602-4809
10. Smoothini – Close Up Magician 1-866-602-4810
11. Jonatan Riquelme – Rola bola balancing act 1-866-602-4811
12. Kelli Glover – Singer 1-866-602-4812

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