America’s Got Talent August 21, 2013 Results 8/21/13

It’s another live results show in America’s Got Talent season 8 tonight! The fifth batch of semi-finalists will be revealed completing the top 20 who will be competing beginning next week. Who among the 12 acts will go through?

Did you miss the Red Panda? I’m not sure the reason why the Red Panda was out of the competition. Does anyone know if she withdrew or got disqualified?

Anyway, the performers last night were D’Angelo and Amanda, The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, Melody Caballero, Dave Fenley, 2Unique, Sam Johnson, Duo Resonance, Selena Mykenzie Gordon, Sprice, John Wing, Ruby & Jonas and Catapult Entertainment.

No one got buzzed last night. Does that mean they are better than the previous week’s performers?

I liked The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, Dave Fenley, Sprice and Catapult Entertainment. Ok, among my choices, only one go through so I’m not hoping these acts will go to the semi-finals. I’m just wishing at least one. How about you?

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1. Dave Fenley

2. Catapult Entertainment

3. D’Angelo & Amanda

4. John Wing

5. Duo Resonance ** wildcard pick


** Howard Stern, Mel B, and Howie Mandel voted for John Wing,

** Heidi Klum chose Duo Resonance as her Wildcard.




1. Virginia State University Gospel Chorale

2. Melody Caballero

3. 2Unique

4. Sam Johnson

5. Selena Mykenzie Gordon

6. John Wing

7. Sprice

8. Ruby and Jonas


2 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent August 21, 2013 Results 8/21/13

  1. The B double OO T Y group, very poor choice imo. Much better acts than that were sent packing. Also, John Wing should be taken off of the eliminated list, he was not sent home.

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