America’s Got Talent August 24, 2011 Results 8/24/11

America’s Got Talent August 24, 2011 is Semifinals results week 1. Five acts from those who performed last night will move into the top ten and they are one step closer to the $1M grand prize. Will your favorite act make it? Those who advanced on America’s Got Talent 8/24/11 results will be posted here as always.

Most of the acts who performed in the semifinals round 1 did great. We liked most of the acts but if we have to predict those who will be in the top 10, Beth Ann Robinson, Team iLuminate, Miami All Stars and Poplyfe will be included. It’s hard to guess but these acts might make it. How about you? Any guesses on which acts go through the next round?

Prince Poppycock, Demi Lovato and New Boyz are the guest performers for tonight while Nick Cannon announces who advanced in America’s Got Talent August 24, 2011 elimination results in between. Live updates will be provided here.


The list of acts who advanced are:

Team iLuminate


Lys Agnes

Miami All-Stars

West Springfield Dance Team



The list of acts who were eliminated are:

Matt Wilhelm

Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Russian Bar Act

Zuma Zuma

Melissa Villasenor

Kevin Colis

Daniel Joseph Baker

Beth Ann Robinson

** The judges chose between WSDT and Daniel Joseph Baker

14 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent August 24, 2011 Results 8/24/11

  1. It makes me wonder, when we see the order in which these performers came on, whether that’s an indication of where they are ranking in the votes from the previous elimination. There was a comment made, by at least one of the judges, with respect to team iLuminate, that 16 minutes of watching their act would be boring. In texting my daughter, I had much the same opinion. The same for Matt Wilhelm, who flubbed last night. I have doubts in my mind about Beth Ann and even though they may have talent, and I feel as if the judges sent a message, that Poplyfe was not there just yet. Can America, who soundly endorsed a Jackie Evanco, a Prince Poppycock, etc, not send Lys Agnes to the top ten, or even final four? Not when you get Piers and the other 2, plus the whole audience on their feet. Believe me, I know of that kind of experience.

  2. I have taken a long look at which are my favorites and which are feasible to be in a full scale Vegas show. I feel that Team iLuminate stand a better chance than most. simply because they appeal to a more dominant demographic. The potential they have is without bounds. They can easily add more dancers, colors, and effects. One thing to note is they have yet to use any props or stylized scenery. I for one look forward to seeing them in Vegas with my own two eyes.

  3. Not happening, though I love their routines. Beth Ann is awesome too, but DJB is pure showman. I don’t particularly care for him, but he is the final player, you can bet on it.

  4. Ohh, well now that i think about it he is a pretty good show man… but i like WSDC sooooooo much! and Beth Ann isn’t that great so i don’t think she’ll be going

  5. I was rooting for Daniel Joseph Baker- I would pay to see him. I wouldn’t pay to see a Halloween side show of high school kids dancing.

  6. I’m SO D*MN HAPPY that the f*ggy black kid (Daniel Joseph Baker) got the boot! Every since one of the earlier shows when he said on camera that people who said he couldn’t make it could “Kiss my a*s,” he lost any support I might have given him. Now he’s free to find a future husband that will kiss it for him.

  7. The #11 comment is hateful and malicious. You don’t have to vote for a contestant, but name calling is just ignorant and rediculous. The F word is uncalled for. You probably couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. I thought he was entertaining. Young with talent and looks, I would imagine you don’t posess.

  8. I truly rooting for the group Poplyfe, really cool and keeping it new but retro is genius. Loved every minute of it! I also voted for the opera singer, beauty and entrancing, just wonderful.

  9. Hey Angry Al:

    You are a b*got. It’s people like you that continue to spread hate, discrimination, and stupidity.

    Whatever you do, please don’t have kids.

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