America’s Got Talent August 25, 2010 Results 8/25/10

America’s Got Talent August 25, results for the first semifinals week will be revealed very soon. The list of acts who advanced to the next round will be announced by host Nick Cannon. Who do you think will make it tonight? The America’s Got Talent 8/25/10 results will be here live as always.

Five acts will be selected for the next round this time. Will your favorite act be included? By the way, Jimmy Fallon, Kylie Minogue and season 4 contestant Recycled Percussion will be the guest performers for tonight.

We also have a guess on who we think are going to advance to the next round. We’ll see if we are correct, though most of the time, we got it wrong. Anyway, we think Taylor Matthews, Prince Poppycock, Anna & Patrick, Christina & Ali and Kristina Young should make it to the next round. What about you guys?

Live updates during the show will be posted here. We are excited, like you, to find out who got picked, advanced and who got voted off on America’s Got Talent Results August 25, 2010.


None from the first three acts were selected;

Jimmy Fallon performs

Kyline Minogue performs

List of acts who were picked are:

Anna & Patryk

Michael Grimm

Prince Poppycock

Taylor Matthews

Christina & Ali

** the judges chose between Connor Doran and Christina & Ali and the girls were picked;

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  1. Prince poppycock
    Michael Grimm
    Anna and Patrick
    and although he was not that great- I feel he needs another shot- Dan Sperry!

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