America’s Got Talent August 27, 2014 Results 8/27/14

The first semi-finals results of America’s Got Talent 2014 airs tonight! Who will make it to the finale? Who will go home?

Last night, the first batch of those who made it from the quarter-finals performed. Among the acts, my favorites are Flight Crew Jump Rope, who kicked off the night. They performed a routine to “Break Free” by Ariana Grande. Howie thought it was great but America wasn’t impressed. Aren’t you impressed? They are one of my favorite acts so I’m hoping they make it to the finale.

Other acts I want to go through are Mike Super, Miguel Dakota, Sons of Serendip and Aerial of Animation. There were a lot of good acts actually and these are my favorites. How about you? Who do want to go through?

Mike Super is Howie’s wildcard and the judges say there were impressed. Miguel Dakota did pretty good too and Howie said he has a chance to win. The judges also think that Sons of Serendip has a great chance of winning and same with Aerial of Animation. Let’s see who will make it and who will be sent home.

Again, updates will be posted. Follow this blog on Twitter, or join on Facebook for tonight’s updates. The contestants who got eliminated on America’s Got Talent’s August 27, 2014 results will be here.


America gets to vote between the 5th, 6th and 7th place acts in the voting. You have 30 minutes to log vote via Google.


1. Mike Super

2. Sons of Serendip

3. Emily West

4. Miguel Dakota

5. Mara Justine (America’s Save)

6. David and Leeman (Judges’ Choice)


Three acts for elimination:

1. Aerial Animation

2. David & Leeman

3. Mara Justine


1. Flight Crew Jump Rope
2. Bad Boys of Ballet
3. Aerial Animation
4. Andrey Moraru
5. Paul Ieti
6. Dan Naturman

Heidi Klum votes for David & Leeman
Howie votes for David & Leeman
Howard Stern votes for David & Leeman

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