America’s Got Talent August 28, 2013 Results 8/28/13

America’s Got Talent 2013 semifinals round 1 performance show aired tonight and we’ll find out who are going to make it to the finale. There were 12 acts who performed, but only three will advance. Will your favorite acts make it?

Those who performed last night were Tone the Chiefrocca, Red Panda, Angela Hoover, Duo Resonance, Collins Key, Innovative Force, Dave Fenley, Taylor Williamson, Jonathan Allen, Catapult Entertainment, Cami Brandley and Forte.

Tone the Chiefrocca was Mel B’s wildcard pick while Duo Resonance was Heidi’s wildcard pick. I wonder why they got picked?

Anyway, my picks to go to the finals are Catapult Entertainment, Innovative Force, Angela Hoover and Red Panda. How about you? Who did you vote for last night?

By the way, One Direction and Cassadee Pope are the guest performers tonight,

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1. Innovative Force

2. Forte

3. Collins Key

4. Taylor Williamson

5. Cami Bradley

6. Catapult Entertainment

** The judges chose Catapult and Dave Fenley. Howard picks Catapult. Heidi picks Catapult. Howie picks Catapult.



1. Tone the Chiefrocca

2. Red Panda

3. Duo Resonance

4. Jonathan Allen

5. Angela Hoover

6. Dave Fenley


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