America’s Got Talent August 29, 2012 Results 8/29/12

The first batch of finalists will be revealed on America’s Got Talent’s results show tonight. Among twelve acts, only three will advance. Who do you think will these acts be? Did the act you vote for be included in the finalists?

The acts who performed last night are Andrew de Leon, Todd Oliver, Donovan & Rebecca, Edon, The Scott Brothers, Eric Dittelman, Turf, Bria Kelly, Joe Castillo, Tom Cotter, and William Close, Academy of Villains.

Among these semifinalists, I think those who might advance to the finals are William Close, Eric Dittleman, Edon, Donovan and Rebecca and Todd Oliver. William Close got a standing ovation from the three judges after performing with his stringed instrument. They loved his act that Sharon even said it was unbelievable. Eric Dittleman, who’s just Dittleman now after the judges told him to drop his first name, amazed them as well after he was able to “read” Howie’s mind on his drawing. Edon is a 14-year old boy who was the best singer in the competition, according to Howie. Donovan and Rebecca awed the judges as well with their acrobatic act while Todd Oliver also impressed the judges that Sharon even asked America to vote for him.

I’ve listed down five but I think those who will go through are Eric Dittleman, Donovan and Rebecca and Todd Oliver. How about you? Any prediction on who will be the three acts to go through? Will your favorite act be include in the list of finalists?

The performers tonight are Neon Trees who will sing their hit platinum single “Everybody Talks”, Steve Harvey and Haunted by Heroes.

Again, live updates during the show will be posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates. The three acts who advanced to the finals and the acts who were eliminated on America’s Got Talent’s August 29, 2012 results show will be here.



Joe Castillo

William Close

Tom Cotter



The Scott Brothers


Andrew De Leon


Donovan and Rebecca

Academy of Villains


Bria Kelly

Todd Oliver

11 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent August 29, 2012 Results 8/29/12

  1. I am encouraged by the selection of the amazing William Close and the Earth Harp Ensemble. The potential of this act to entertain, teach and encourage creativity is very exciting for America!

  2. I can not believe it, you send Andrew De Leon home again. He is a great singer and different is that why you keep voting him off. Can’t believe it. Not watching anymore, well I hope there is a great producer out there who know greatest when they see and hear it.

  3. My daughter is 6 years old and she thought Andrew was the best, she even cried the first time you kicked him off. She keeped asking why they are they doing that mommy. Told her don’t worry they will bring him back so we were so happy last week when you did, know again I have to explain to her that T.V. is pretend because you say we choose I don’t think so,

  4. I was so disappointed for both Andrew and Edon. They are both FANTASTIC singers. I was really looking forward to hearing Andrew sing again, I love his voice! I suspect that they were eliminated because, they are singers. And that is just cruel!

  5. I liked Andrew and Edon, but I am rooting for Tom Cotter (comedian) this time. Singers have won and Jackie Evanco should have won, but a 10-year-old having a show in Vegas, not! The gentleman with his home built harp was marvelous. Totally new entertainment and he has a very good shot at winning. Tom Cotter gets my vote because he is a wonderful comedian. I also think Gittleman should have been put through instead of the sand man. Also, when I had seen what he had done with the sand, I thought it was Jesus in the picture. Good luck Tom, you definitely have all my votes to win big!!!

  6. I love Tom Cotter and think he’s one of the funniest comedians to come along for awhile. I’m disappointed, however, because a search of the internet shows he is a much more well known professional than he or AGT would have us believe. The man has been on Jay Leno, won many awards, travelled internationally, and Comedy Central is coming out with a 30 minute video he made. I realize he has the same right to win as anyone else, but it’s so much more feel good when an amateur comes out of nowhere and goes all the way to the top.

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