America’s Got Talent August 31, 2011 Results 8/31/11

America’s Got Talent August 31, 2011 is Semifinals results round 2. Twelve acts performed last night but only five will make it to next week’s round before the finale, completing the top 10. Who among the last batch of semifinalists will it be? Who advance on America’s Got Talent 8/31/11 results? As always, updates will be provided.

The acts we liked from this batch are Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Anna Graceman, Landon Swank, Silhouettes and Fatally Unique and we hope some of them will be included in the final 10. Fatally Unique danced to “Get Outta Your Mind” which reminded us of Alex and Twitch’s performance in SYTYCD last year. The dance crew didn’t do well but we think they will get lots of votes. Same with Anna Graceman, who sang “Home Sweet Home”, which Piers considered as the best performance of the night. She will go through as well.

What about you? What’s your prediction on who will be seen next week? Susan Boyle, Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida are the performers by the way.

So which acts to get through? Find out who advanced in America’s Got Talent August 31, 2011 elimination results for semifinals round 2 here.


The list of acts who advanced are:


Anna Graceman

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Landon Swank

Smage Brothers Riding Shows


The list of acts who were eliminated are:


Steven Retchless

Professor Splash

Summerwind Skippers

Fatally Unique

The Kinetic King

** Judges had to choose between Snap Boogie and Smage Brothers Riding Shows

Pierce chose Smage Brothers, Sharon chose Snap Boogie, Howie is the tie breaker choosing, Smage Brothers

5 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent August 31, 2011 Results 8/31/11

  1. This show is odd.
    Two of the judges aren’t American and none of them have any talent.
    The contestants? Please! Would anyone go to Vegas to see people skip rope?

  2. The show originated in Britain and the producers are British, so how is it odd that two of the judges are British? They are both American citizens though, and therefore American. And you cannot use the Summerwind Skippers to represent such a vast array of talent. They didn’t even make it anyway. I’d go see most of the top 10 in Vegas.

  3. Piers is not an American. Sharon wasn’t raised here and her only perspective of being an American is living in a rock star’s mansion.
    Why can’t the jump rope group be used? They are in it and the judges love them. Pies thinks it was sexy!

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