America’s Got Talent August 4, 2010 Results 8/4/10

The last batch of contestants who advanced on America’s Got Talent August 4, 2010 for the semifinals round will be revealed Wednesday night. Who will be the four acts who got the people’s votes on America’s Got Talent 8/4/10? The results will be known very soon!

The AGT week 4 acts who performed Tuesday night are Da Maniacs, Nu Covenant, Anna & Patryk, Lindsey Sterling, Doogie Horner, Rudi Macaggi, Taylor Matthews, Mary Ellen, ArcAttack, Prince Poppycock, Murray and Strikers All Stars.

Who will be joining the other list of acts that made it to the semifinals? Are you excited to find out which acts will be voted by most viewers? By the way, next Tuesday will be the special Youtube edition show.

So, who advanced to the next round? Please bookmark this page for updates of the elimination results live, as always. Find out soon the America’s Got Talent August 4, 2010 results.


Here are the acts who advanced to the semifinals:

MURRAY – Magician / Illusionist

Taylor Matthews – Singer / Musician

Prince Poppycock – Opera Singer

ArcAttack – Technological Performance Group

** ArcAttack and Anna & Patryk placed either 4th or 5th and the judges chose ArcAttack to be in the semifinals.

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