America’s Got Talent August 7, 2013 Results 8/7/13

The third batch of semifinalists will be revealed tonight on America’s Got Talent season 8 week 3 live results show. Who will advance to the next round and who will go home? Who will be chosen by the judges for the fourth act?

Last night’s acts were AeroSphere Aerial Balloon Show, Chicago Boyz, Mitsi School of Dancing, Kelsey and Bailey, Brandon & Savannah, Illusionist Leon Etienne & Romy Low, Deanna DellaCioppa, David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers, Jonathan Allen, Kenichi Ebina, Jim Meskimen, The American Military Spouses Choir.

Among these acts, my favorites were AeroSphere Aerial Balloon Show, Kelsey and Bailey, Kenichi Ebina and Jim Meskimen. No singers/dancers from this week for me. How about you? Who were your favorites and hoping to move on to the semifinals?

By the way, only Illusionist Leon Etienne & Romy Low got a buzz from the judges – Howard Stern. Will that cause them to lose some votes?

Again three acts who advance depend on the votes while the fourth act, of course, will be based from the judges decision. If there’s a tie, the one who got the higher votes stays.

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Guest performer – Jason Derulo


1. Jonathan Allen

2. Kenichi Ebina

3. The American Military Spouses Choir

4. Chicago Boyz

** the judges chose between Chicago Boyz and Mitsi School of Dancing for the fourth spot and they chose Chicago Boyz




AeroSphere Aerial Balloon Show

Kelsey and Bailey

Illusionist Leon Etienne & Romy Low

David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers

Mitsi School of Dancing

Brandon & Savannah

Mitsi School of Dancin

Deanna DellaCioppa

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