America’s Got Talent July 11, 2012 Results 7/11/12

The next batch of acts to make it to the semifinals will be announced on America’s Got Talent tonight. Out of the 12 acts, only 4 will make it to the next round. Who among your favorites will be included and who will be going home tonight?

I think the acts who performed last night are better than last week. Those who performed last night are Turf, Donovan & Rebecca, The Always, Danielle Stallings, Lisa Clark Dancers, Aurora Light Painters, Hawley Magic, Big Barry, Tom Cotter, Ben Blaque and Tim Hockenberry.

Lisa Clark Dancers got exed by Howie to which he commented that it doesn’t look like a $1M dollar act and the it’s like a recital act. Aurora Light Painters got exed by Howard as well for not having a story with their act, which had a concept of “monter’s under the bed”. Big Barry got exed too by the judges. Howard even told Howie that he let a lot of people go and that this guy should not have taken that place and said Howie owes a lot of acts some apologies. With these acts being exed, will they get America’s vote and make it to the next round?

Meanwhile, I think the acts who did well are Donovan & Rebecca, Turf, Danielle Stallings and Tom Cotter. I think these are the acts who will make it through the next round. How about you? Who do you think are the acts that will advance? Who will be the judges’ choice?

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Tim Hockenberry and Turf on stage…

Both are going to the semifinals!

Gavin DeGraw performs!

Lisa Clark Dancers, The All Ways, Aurora Light Painters and Big Barry on stage…

No one among them goes to the semifinals!

LionDanceMe, Hawley Magic and Tom Cotter on stage…

Tom Cotter advances!

Donovan & Rebecca, Danielle Stallings and Ben Blaque on stage…

Ben Blaque is out!

Donovan & Rebecca or Danielle Stallings? Howard picks Donovan & Rebecca. Sharon picks Danielle. Howie picks Donovan & Rebecca.




Tim Hockenberry


Tom Cotter

Donovan & Rebecca



Lisa Clark Dancers

The All Ways

Aurora Light Painters

Big Barry


Hawley Magic

Ben Blaque

Danielle Stallings

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