America’s Got Talent July 13, 2010 Live Performance Show

America’s Got Talent July 13, 2010 episode will be the first week of live shows.  The first 12 of America’s Got Talent Top 48 will performing this Tuesday night live from Hollywood.  Who will be the first 12 acts that will perform 7/13/10?

Since the beginning, the contestants’ fate rested in the hands of the judges Howie, Sharon and Piers.  But Tuesday, the finalists must perform live and this time, it’s up to America to decide who’s got the best talent.

Five best acts from each group of twelve will proceed to the semi-finals and it is up to the viewers who they want to get through the semi-finals.  Who will be the first to make it through the next round?  The results will be revealed the next day.

The list of the 12 acts that perform Tuesday night in America’s Got Talent season 5 episode 13 will be posted here.  Link to the videos will also be provided when available so please stay tuned for America’s Got Talent July 13, 2010 live performance show videos.

Results of those who are in the semifinals are here – check this post – America’s Got Talent July 14, 2010 Results

Kung Fu Heroes

Nick Pike

Nathaniel Kenyon

Fighting Gravity


Christina & Ali

Paul Safy Jr.



Sally Cohn

Future Funk

The Hot Shot Tap Dancers

6 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent July 13, 2010 Live Performance Show

  1. So who got voted off by the judges? Was it Future Funk or RNG? Howie Mandel took too long to say the final vote, so I don’t know… Can you help?

  2. RNG was voted off – those who advance to the seminfals are Christina & Ali, Future Funk, Fighting Gravity and Nathaniel Kenyon

  3. I did not like Christina and Ali..they were terrible…I want them off…the Kung Fu Fighters should’ve taken there place…they were better than C & A…but the Fighting Gravity was awesome!!!

  4. Okay I know Christina and Ali don’t have a lo of talent but in many ways they are braver and stronger than us so I think everyone should atop sayin they’re terrible. If you had systic fibrosis and were told that in yourvwhole life you would never be aloud to sing would you sing infront of millions? If you were told that you would only live 27 years would you risk the devastating news of being told you were being sent back home and to try again next year, what if there wasn’t a next year. That’s awful. So before you go saying they’re terrible think about what they are dealing with.

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