It’s the first quarterfinals week on America’s Got Talent and the results show will be tonight, July 14, 2010 for those who made it to the semifinals round.  Who among the twelve acts that performed in the live show were voted by the viewers?  We’ll find out on tonight’s America’s Got Talent 7/14/10 results episode.

The list of performers for week 1 are Kung Fu Heroes, Christina & Ali, Airpocalypse, The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, Paul Safy Jr. Future Funk, Sally Cohn, Nick Pike, RNG, Maricar, Fighting Gravity and Nathaniel Kenyon.  Nick Pike replaced Twisted Trystan and Krystan from the Top 48 act.

Who among them got the most number of votes from the viewers?  Only the top four are sure for the next round while the judges will choose between the fifth and sixth contestants who got the most number of votes for the fifth spot.

Selena Gomez and the cast of Rock of Ages are the guest performers tonight before the results are revealed.

Please stay tuned for the five acts that make it to the semifinals round.  We’ll post here the list of acts who made it on America’s Got Talent July 14, 2010 results.

Updates:  These are the contestants who advance to the semifinals

Nathaniel Kenyon

Fighting Gravity

Christina & Ali

Future Funk *

* Future Funk finished 4th or 5th place but they won the judges’ vote.  Additional info, the judges chose between them and RNG but they won over RNG.