America’s Got Talent July 24, 2013 Results 7/24/13

America’s Got Talent season 8’s first live results airs tonight. The first batch of acts who will make it to the semifinals will be announced tonight. There are 12 acts but only 4 will make it to the next round of competition. Who do you think made it and who will be going home tonight?

Those who performed last night were Anna Christine, TellaVision, American Hitmen Special Head, Fresh Faces, Collins Key, Kevin Downey, Jr., Aaralyn & Izzy, Alexanderia the Great, KriStef Brothers, Branden James and Hype.

Among these acts, only Aaralyn & Izzy got an X and it was from Howard Stern. This act have 14 million Youtube hits but Howard exed them declaring it’s time for idiocy to end. Do you agree with him? Who were your favorite acts from last night?

For me, I like Anna Christine, Fresh Faces, Hype and Collins Key. I hope they make it to the next round.

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s results. Live updates will be provided here. Please refresh your browser frequently during the show. The list of acts who were eliminated and the list of acts who advanced on America’s Got Talent’s July 24, 2013 results show will be posted.




1. Collins Key

2. KriStef Brothers

3. Branden James

4. Anna Christine



1. Kevin Downey, Jr.

2. Aaralyn & Izzy

3. tellAvision

4. Special Head

5. Fresh Faces

6. Alexanderia the Great

7. Hype

8. American Hitmen


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