America’s Got Talent July 3, 2012 Results 7/3/12

It’s the first quarterfinal results tonight on America’s Got Talent season 7. The first 12 of the 49 acts performed last night for America’s vote. Who did you vote for to advance to the next round of the competition? Who will go home and who will the judges decide to go through?

The acts who performed last night are Distinguished Men of Brass, Edon, Jarrett and Raja, Lil Starr, Tood Oliver, American BMX Stunt Team, Nikki Jensen, The Scott Brothers, Michael Nejad, 787 Crew, Shanice and Maurice Hayes and David Garibaldi and his CYMKs.

Among them, Howard predicts that those who will advance are Edon, The Scott Brothers, Shanice and Maurice Hayes and David Garibaldi and his CYMKs. Most of the acts impressed the judges, except for Michael Nejad. He was buzzed as soon as he performed. Howard even she the he dug his own grave tonight while Howie said he sucked.

Meanwhile, 787  Dance Crew, one of my favorites could be in danger of leaving the competition. Howard thinks they are in trouble while Sharon thinks otherwise. Howie says they’ve got to step it up though and hope they do if they make it through. Lil Starr, who was a favorite at the auditions might not make it as well. While she’s an adorable young lady, the judges don’t think she could win. But as always, it’s up to America to decide and we’ll find that out tonight.

Anyway, who were your favorite acts from last night? Did you like the magicians? How about the other acts? Who do you think will be in the semifinals? Who will the judges choose as the fourth act?

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Michael Nejad, Nikki Jensen and Shanice and Maurice Hayes called on stage.

Cirque Du Soleil performs…

The Scott Brothers, Lil Starr and 787 Crew are called on stage. Sharon it’s such a difficult call. She never thought all the guys on stage right now will be called together.

David Garibaldi and his CYMKs, Jarrett & Raja and American BMX Stunt Team on stage…

Will.i.Am performs…

The Distinguished Men of Brass, Edon and Todd Oliver on stage…

The Distinguished Men of Brass is out.

Judges choice – Howie picks Edon, Howard pics Edon.



Shanice and Maurice Hayes

The Scott Brothers

David Garibaldi and his CYMKs




Michael Nejad

Nikki Jensen

Lil Starr

787 Crew

Jarrett & Raja

American BMX Stunt Team

The Distinguished Men of Brass

Todd Oliver

7 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent July 3, 2012 Results 7/3/12

  1. Todd Oliver should have advanced instead of Edon. I don’t see Edon as a million dollar act. He has a good voice but not someone I would go see in Las Vegas. However, I would go see Todd Oliver in Vegas. America really screwed up on this one. Sorry Edon but you will be gone after the next round:(

  2. There are so many singing shows out there. I hate that they allow singers on AGT. I’m not saying that they arent talented but when i watch AGT i want to see unique or dangerous acts that would capture my interest and make me want to travel from ohio to vegas not singing. When i want to watch singing I watch X factor, nashville star or AI then if i like the contestants i would go see the people in concert when they are on tour and buy their cd @ walmart. I just think its a shame that really great vegas type acts are ousted by singers. They are going to go on tour anyways so why do they need a headline act in Vagas? I think 787, Todd O. or Am. BMX would have been a better vagas type act. Sorry just my opinion and FYI I think some of the singers on the show are great i just wish they wernt on THIS show.

  3. seems like there is something racial here…”jew are the best”, really howie. two jews judging and a jewish boy wearing a yarmulke singging and getting picked. very suspicious…

    • It’s actually 3 Jew judges. Sharon’s father is a Jew as well. It’s so painfully obvious what’s going on here. Probably 80% of Stern’s staff on his satellite radio show is Jewish.

  4. Rhere is something very different this year…blackheads in the ear do not make for great TV. Watching acts after act crying is not entertaining. Some of the best acts were sent home before they even had a chance
    I have lost interest

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