America’s Got Talent July 30, 2014 Results 7/30/14

The first live results show airs tonight on America’s Got Talent season 9. Who among the first batch who will move on to the semifinals round?

Only five acts will move on the next round while the seven acts go home. Are you excited to find out if your favorites made it?

Last night’s performances were a bit too boring for me. Could be because I was just tired or it really is boring?

But anyway, the acts whom I think might move on to the next round are Valo & Bobby, David & Leeman, Baila Conmigo, Julia Goodwin and Flight Crew Jump Rope.  who did a routine where Bobby rode a bicycle in a ring supported by Valo.

What about you? Who were your favorite acts from last night’s performances?

Anyway, follow this blog on Twitter, or join on Facebook to find out who made it to the list. As always, live updates will be provided. Please refresh your browser frequently during the show. The list of acts who were eliminated and the list of acts who advanced on America’s Got Talent’s July 30, 2014 results show will be posted.


Those who advanced to the semifinals are:

1. Emily West

2. Dan Naturman

3. Miguel Dakota

4. David and Leeman

5. Baila Conmigo



1. Jasmine Flowers

2. Valo & Bobby

3. The Willis Clan

4. Julia Goodwin

5. JD Anderson

6. Sean and Luke

7. Flight Crew Jump Rope


** 48th contestant from Today’s Got Talent – Cornell Bhangra

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