America’s Got Talent July 31, 2013 Results 7/31/13

It’s America’s Got Talent season 8 live results show once again. It’s the second week already and the second batch of acts who go to the semifinals will be revealed. Who among the 12 acts do you think will make it? Who were your favorites last night?

The performers this week were Innovative Force, Ciana Pelekai, Alexander Magala, Struck Boyz, Brad Byers, Kid the Wiz Hat, Angela Hoover, Dave Shirley, Marty Brown, The Aquanuts and Tone the Chiefrocca.

No got a buzz from the judges and I like this week’s performances than last week. My favorites were the Innovative Force, The Aquanuts, Dave Shirley and Angela Hoover. I hope these acts will make it to the next round but really, the results depend on America and the judges.

Three acts who advance depend on America’s vote while the fourth act will be based from the judges decision.

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Robin Thicke is tonight’s guest performer.




1. Innovative Force

2. Forte

3. Marty Brown

4. Angela Hoover



1. Struck Boyz

2. The Aquanuts

3. Brad Byers

4. Kid the Wiz

5. Dave Shirley

6. Ciana Pelekai

7. Alexandr Magala

8. Tone the Chiefrocca


** Mel B and Howard Stern voted for Angela while Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum voted for Tone the Chiefrooca. However, Angele Hoover got more votes from America and thus, goes to the semifinals.

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