America’s Got Talent July 6, 2010 Las Vegas Round

After all the auditions we have seen the past weeks since season 5 premiered, we are going to see those who passed and make it to the next round.  America’s Got Talent tonight, July 6, 2010 will be the Las Vegas round.

We are going to see all of the acts the judges thought are outstanding or interesting before they trim down the contestants once again.

By the way, those who are asking about the youtube auditions, you can check it here.  The voting phase has ended and the special show will be on August 10th.

So, back to tonight’s show, 16 made it from Los Angeles, 8 from Dallas, 18 from New York, 16 from Orlando, 17 from Portland, 8 from Chicago and 8 from Across America, making it a total of 91 contestants.  Only 48 will be given a spot, who will those be?

We’ll try to post videos of the contestants’ performance on America’s Got Talent July 6, 2010 episode when available so please bookmark this page for it.

Some of the videos here:

Las Vegas Week video

Dancers video

Successful Talents

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