America’s Got Talent June 25, 2012 Vegas Results AGT 6/25/12

After weeks of audition shows, the acts who made it is one step closer to the live shows which will begin next week. However, before they could go to the live show, they will compete for a spot in the top 48. The America’s Got Talent season 7 Las Vegas week will be a three part show this week, airing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday airing at 9pm ET. This is the first time in the show’s history to have a Vegas round part 3. Monday and Tuesday episode is only an hour long while Wednesday is a two-hour episode. The acts who passed the audition rounds will be performing at the Palazzo Resort Hotel.

Last season, the acts were split into three groups. The judges’ favorites were put in Group A while the acts who were less likely to advance in the competition were placed in Group B. Meanwhile, those in Group C were the best acts and didn’t have to perform in Las Vegas. These acts were move in the Top 48 directly.

Which acts will belong to this season’s best acts? Who will be placed in Group A? Who will be in Group B? Which acts are you hoping to be included in the top 48?

Some of my favorite acts who I wish to make it to the live rounds are Liliana, 787 Crew, Mary Joyner, Donovan and Rebecca and Andrew De Leon. Liliana, a.k.a Lil Starr is the cute 6-year old tap dancer. 787 Crew is a dance troupe from Puerto Rico. Mary Joyner, singer, is the daughter of Olympic champs Al Joyner and Florence Griffith-Joyner. Donovan and Rebecca is the acrobalance duo. Andrew De Leon is a goth-opera singer. Will they make it to the next round of the competition?

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Those who made it in the top 48 are:

– William Close

– Olate Dog

– David “The Bullet Smith”


Those who are eliminated:

– Bandbaz Brothers

– Charlie C

– Ivy Rose


Other acts who performed and whose fate are yet to be revealed are:

All Wheel Sports, American BMX Stunt Team, New Guard America, Cristin Sandu and Ben Blaque for the Danger Acts category.

Mary Joyner, Roxy Doll, Brianna Price, Cecilia Detwiler, Luna and Nikki Jensen for the Female singers category.

Funk Beyond Control, All That, Loyalty, 787 Crew for the Dance Group category.

Horse, All Beef Patty, Joe Castillo, Todd Oliver and Irving, Light Wire Theater and Aurora Light Painters for the Novelty category.

Simply Sergio, Luiz Meneghin and Andrew De Leon for the Classical Singers category.

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