America’s Got Talent May 14, 2012 Auditions AGT 5/14/12 Premiere

America’s Got Talent season 7 premieres tonight, May 14, 2012 on NBC. The talent show is back with new contestants who will try to impress the judges.  Different acts like singers, dancers, magicians, gymnasts and more will try to impress them. Who will make it and who won’t? Find out on the season premiere tonight.

Nick Cannon returns as host while Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel return as the judges. However, Piers Morgan isn’t returning to focus on his CNN show “Piers Morgan Tonight”. Howard Stern will be replacing him as the judge. The radio personality and TV host announced his being one of the judges on his Sirius XM radio show last December 2011. What do you think of him being on the show and replacing Piers? There have been many comments about him being on the show. Many say that they can’t stand him and won’t watch the show. But after they’ve watch the previews of the show with him, opinions changed.

Aside from a new judge, the show’s set have change as well as the live show’s location, which will be moved to New York City due to Howard Stern’s commitment to his radio program. What do you think about this as well?

The show’s schedule is changed too. From Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it’s now aired Mondays and Tuesdays.

Anyway, tonight’s season premiere will be a two-hour episode. Who will be the first acts that will make it through the next round?

Again, we are here to provide you updates on the show, especially after the final auditions episode. To get the latest updates, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook, Will there be more dangerous acts this year than the previous years? Find out tonight who passed the auditions on America’s Got Talent.



Aoni Jackson (magician) – 3 NOs

Miss Les (bird lady) – Howie – yes, Howard – no, Sharon – no

William Close (creates musical instrument) – 3 YESes

Elements Dance Cru (all girls dance crew)- 3 YESes

All Wheel Sports – PASSED

Elizabeth (aerial act) – PASSED

Chris LaBar – PASSED

Alexa and Jorge Navarez (father and daughter singing act) – 3 YESes

Ben Black (cross bow sharp shooting act) – 3 YESes

Light Wire Theater – 3 YESes

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  1. Please tell Howard Stern that this is not HIS show. I don’t need to hear his constant remarks to pull the attention to himself. Unless things change, I think he will pull the show down. I’ll certainly stop watching. Tell me your vote and then stop talking!!!

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