America’s Got Talent September 1 2010 Results 9/1/10

America’s Got Talent September 1, 2010 results will be another one hour show. Those who advanced to the next round from the second batch of semifinalists will be announced tonight. Who would you want to make it and find out on America’s Got Talent 9/1/10 results?

We are hoping Nate Kenyon, Haspop, Fighting Gravity, Jackie Evancho and Michael Grasso. What about you? Who are your choice?

Cirque du Soleil and Jason Derulo will be the performers tonight.

The finale is getting near. Who will be the remaining five acts to make the top 10? Be back here for live updates. Are you excited to know who got picked and who got voted off America’s Got Talent Results September 1, 2010?


List of acts who advanced to top 10 are:

Michael Grasso

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Fighting Gravity

Studio One Young Beast Society

Jackie Evancho

5 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent September 1 2010 Results 9/1/10

  1. I wanted Nathaniel Kenyon to make it and am a little mad that he did not make it. I also think the shows should have been set up better i mean last weeks semi finals were nothing like last nights and some of the acts that advanced last week would not have had a chance at the finals. Christina and Ali for instance were horrible if you compared them to Haspop, Nate, or Michael and Ashleigh but Christina and Ali were sent through to the finals while the better acts were sent home. They need to set the shows up better.

  2. Alice Ridley was robbed by the judges last night.Point to ponder:
    * Why was Alice and that dance group ‘whoever?’ determined by the panel instead of America’s voting?
    I wouldn’t go across the street to watch those dancers. Sure, they have talent. But to compare them to Alice Ridley is like comparing the Mouseketeers to Aretha Franklin…they’re both good but who would you pay to watch. It was wrong and I believe the fix is in….I don’t trust those judges, wasn’t there some questions last year too about fairness and the Chicken’catcher?

  3. So Alice did not make it. Sorry, but someone had to go, and the fix was NOT in. And no, I am not a fan of the Studio One Young Beast Society. Why didn’t America get the choice? Because those are the way the rules are written and those rules have been applied in each of the previous segments. Six quarterfinals and one semifinal and now you want to change the rules to possibly get your act into the finals. Fine, lets do just that.

    As far as the division of the twenty acts go, I agree that the division was slightly weird. While several groups were divided corrrectly (the magicians (two and two), young female singers (one and one), cutting edge groups (one and one), others were not. Part of this is running the risk of live performances, as the second set all seemed to hit it out of the park. The big problem was the division of the kid acts: the ballroom dancers, funk dancers, and Christina and Ali were on one side while Jackie Evancho was on the other. Would changing Haspop with Future Funk have made a difference? Possible, but who knows. Haspop may have slipped two weeks ago and Future Funk may have hit every mark beautifully with an extra week of practice. Oh, I had Kenyon finishing in 10th but thought he would make it on the teenage girl voting factor.

  4. Alice Ridley can be best compared to Jennifer Hudson. Such amazing talent is sometimes its own reward. Jennifer Hudson has had the last laugh and so will Alice Ridley. I just wonder how long it will be before Alice Ridley has a recording contract; I imagine it won’t be long. What was “America’s Got Talent” thinking?

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