America’s Got Talent September 12, 2012 Finals AGT 9/12/12 Call Numbers

It’s the season finale of America’s Got Talent tonight. The final six acts are going to take the stage for America’s vote. After months of searching, auditions and live rounds, the show heads on to its final week. Among thousands of hopefuls, only six have remained and are closer to winning the one million dollar and be a headliner show in Vegas.

Joe Castillo, Tom Cotter, William Close, David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s, The Untouchables and Olate Dogs are the final six. Who among them are you looking forward to see perform tonight?

Joe Castillo, the sand artist won the judges’ choice during the first round of the semifinals. The judges picked between him and Todd Oliver and Sharon and Howie selected him instead of Oliver to be in the finale. Tom Cotter, comedian and William Close, the “earth harpist” and instrument builder, are in the same round as Joe Castillo.

David Garibaldi and his CMYKs, also won the judges’ choice during the second round of the semifinals. The judges actually chose between him and Lightwire Theater and won Howie and Howard’s vote. The Untouchables and Olate Dogs  are in the same semifinals round as Garibaldi.

You can vote for these acts five minutes before the show concludes. Again, there are two ways to vote – via toll-free or via online on, NBC live ap, NBC app or Facebook. For toll-free, you can vote up to ten times for each phone number you use. For online voting, you can vote ten times for each email address you use. Toll-free voting lasts for two-hours after the show while online voting lasts until 5am the next day.

Who are you going to vote? Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on the show. The voting numbers will be posted here for America’s Got Talent’s September 12, 2012 final performance show. Check back for it.


David Garibaldi and his CMYKs  – 1 866 60 AGT 01 or 1 866 602 4801

Tom Cotter – 1 866 60 AGT 02 or 1 866 602 4802

The Untouchables – 1 866 60 AGT 03 or 1 866 602 4803

Joe Castillo – 1 866 60 AGT 04 or 1 866 602 4804

William Close – 1 866 60 AGT 05 or 1 866 602 4805

Olate Dogs – 1 866 60 AGT 06 or 1 866 602 4806

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