America’s Got Talent September 14, 2010 Finale Part 1 9/14/10

The finale is here! Watch America’s Got Talent finale performance show, which is part 1, tonight, September 14, 2010. The final four acts will be performing for one last time live on television and for sure, each one of them will do their best to get America’s vote. Are you excited for America’s Got Talent 9/14/10 finale show?

The final four contestants that made it through the finals are:

Jackie Evancho – Opera Singer

Fighting Gravity – Blacklight Performers

Michael Grimm – Singer/Musician

Prince Poppycock Opera Singer

Who among them will be the best performer for tonight? Who is your favorite among them and is eager to watch?

We’ll try to find video performances of America’s Got Talent September 14, 2010 and post it here so stay tuned for it! The results will be revealed the next day.

17 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent September 14, 2010 Finale Part 1 9/14/10

  1. Jackie Evancho better not win because she doesnt deserve to win… She is too young to even understand the competition… fighting gravity all the way

  2. Michael Grimm should win. He’s great! Jackie Evancho has the voice of an angel, but she really doesn’t need to win, she’ll go far no matter what. As a matter of fact, all four are winners.

  3. PrincePoppycock should win. Jackie is an angel but Poppycock is a dsiner singer and he is a Master at extravaganza. By Piers Morgan buzzing him Poppycock got very weak suddenly at end. I love Piers but not tonight I am appaled I hope people vote really

  4. While I want Evancho to win, I don’t think the vote will go her way. Poppycock has the problem of splitting the vote with Evancho (she has a better voice, he is the master showman). Fighting Gravity had a weak performance and the lights at the end blew it. So while I didn’t want him to advance earlier and thought he was primarily moving up due to the teen age female vote, I think Michael Grimm takes the victory by a narrow margin. The runner up showcase at the end of the show made a nice “finale” to the show.

  5. We have not watched AMT until this season and due to Jackie Evancho, we will watch it again next season. Jackie is an amazing young girl with an amazing talent. We expect her to win tonight and will be very disappointed if she doesn’t. The other 3 acts are good but they are nowhere near Jackie Evancho.

  6. While Jackie has a beautiful voice and she is an angel, this child does not belong in Las Vegas. She is too young. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear her voice, but the life she will lead in the next year at the very least will destroy her. If you listen to her interviews, she misses school, she misses her friends, she misses her pets, she misses sleeping in her own bed and sleeping in. And if she wins, she will miss it all more. If you read what the experts in opera are writing, Jackie is being taught improperly to sing opera. This will destroy her voice and when she is older she will not have that voice. She has been prepped well to say what others want her to say an what she thinks others want her to say. But in her heart she wants to be a child. A child that really can’t understand a million dollars. She is being exploited by her parents. Right now she can not handle the reality of life or manage her money at ten years old. But, of course her parents can. They need to really hear what Jackie is saying. Let her be a child and later when she can comprehend it all, a star that can manage her life and her money.

  7. Jackie has incredible talent that is yet to be developed. I don’t think she could carry an hour show in Vegas. I felt bad when she made reference to missing school, friends, playing with her pets and being a kid. I find it hard to believe that she only practices singing an hour and a half a day as she stated early on. I think she spends undue hours practicing. Like many child athletes, she will burnout by late teens and a fantastic singer will be lost. I hope Poppycock or Grimm win. I wouldn’t spend Vegas ticket prices to see Gravity. It would keep my interest for fifteen minutes at the most.

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