America’s Got Talent September 17, 2013 Finals AGT 9/17/13 Call Numbers

The final performances airs tonight on America’s Got Talent as its season finale airs! After months of auditions and live rounds, the show has come to its final week. Of all the contestants this season, only six have remained and will be performing tonight. Who are you looking forward to see perform?

Two of the contestants are singers. One is a dancer. One is a comedian. One is an operatic trio and one is a magician. The top six finalists are Forte, Taylor Williamson, Collins Key, Kenichi Ebina, Jimmy Rose and Cami Bradley.

Taylor Williamson is a comedian. The judges actually chose between him and Chloe Channell during the top 60 performances. There was a tie in the voting but he got more votes which made him advance to the semi-finals.

Cami Bradley and Forte were in the same week as Taylor Williamson during the top 60 acts. There was no question that America loves her. Will one of them win this season?

Meanwhile, Kenichi Ebina and Jimmy Rose were in the same semifinals week and both advanced as America voted for them as well without having the judges decide. Same with Collins Key, Cami Bradley and Forte, who all advanced based form America’s votes.

Who among these acts are you going to vote for?

You can vote for these acts five minutes before the show concludes. Again, there are two ways to vote – via toll-free or via online on, NBC live ap, NBC app or Facebook. For toll-free, you can vote up to ten times for each phone number you use. For online voting, you can vote ten times for each email address you use. Toll-free voting lasts for two-hours after the show while online voting lasts until 5am the next day.

Who are you going to vote? Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on the show. The voting numbers will be posted here for America’s Got Talent’s September 17, 2012 final performance show.


Jimmy Rose –  1 866 60 AGT 01 or 1 866 602 4801

– sang his original song, “Coal Keeps the Lights On”

– performed “The Dance” by Garth Brooks


Kenichi Ebina –  1 866 60 AGT 02 or 1 866 602 4802
– performed a matrix-styled Martial Arts dance.


Cami Bradley –  1 866 60 AGT 03 or 1 866 602 4803

– performed “Believe” by Cher

– performed “I Want To Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles


Collins Key –  1 866 60 AGT 04 or 1 866 602 4804

– did a magic trick with two playing cards being merged together

Forte  –  1 866 60 AGT 05 or 1 866 602 4805

– performed “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli


Taylor Williamson  –  1 866 60 AGT 06 or 1 866 602 4806

– routine why a comedian can’t reuse jokes.

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