America’s Got Talent September 4, 2013 Results 9/4/13

Another results show tonight on America’s Got Talent season 10. Again, 12 acts performed last night, but only half will make it to the finale. Find out who advances and who got eliminated.

The acts last night were D’Angelo & Amanda, Anna Christine, Marty Brown, Chicago Boyz, Illusionist Leon, Kenichi Ebina, John Wing, Branden James, KriStef Brothers, Timber Brown, Jimmy Rose and American Military Spouses Choir.

My favorites from last night were Anna Christine, Chicaco Boyz, American Military Spouses Choir and Timber Brown. Illusionist Leon was Howard’s wild card pick. Will they make it to the finale?

Anna Christine looks very serious even if she’s just 11-years old. She sang Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. Such a talent for her age but I’m not sure if she will make though.

Chicago Boyz performed a jump-roping, backflipping routine to Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell’s “Blurred Lines”. Everyone was screaming after they finish which made the rest of the acts nervous. But, will they make it?

The American Military Spouses Choir sang “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan and I prefer them than the other singers.

Timber Brown did an acrobatic routine incorporating ropes and water to “Supremacy” by Muse and I prefer them than the KriStef Brothers and Illusionist Leon Etienne.

These are my favorites from last night. How about you?

In between the results, Fall Out Boy and Team iLuminate (AGT season 6) will be performing.

As always, updates will be posted. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. The next batch of acts who advance to the finals and the acts who were eliminated on America’s Got Talent’s September 4, 2013 results show will be provided.



– Fall Out Boy

– Team iLuminate



1. Branden James

2. Chicago Boyz

3. KriStef Brothers

4. Jimmy Rose

5. Kenichi Ebina

6. D’Angelo and Amanda


** The judges chose between Anna Christine and D’Angelo & Amanda. The judges are tied, so the votes were revealed and D’Angelo & Amanda got more votes than Anna Christine.



1. Timber Brown

2. American Military Spouses Choir

3. Marty Brown

4. Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low

5. John Wing

6. Anna Christine



1. Branden James

2. Chicago Boyz

3. KriStef Brothers

4. Jimmy Rose

5. Kenichi Ebina

6. D’Angelo and Amanda

7. Innovative Force

8. Forte

9. Collins Key

10. Taylor Williamson

11. Cami Bradley

12. Catapult Entertainment

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