America’s Got Talent September 6, 2012 Results 9/6/12

It’s America’s Got Talent Semifinals Week 2 results show tonight and the second batch of finalists will be announced during the show. Three of the twelve acts who performed last night will go through. Will your favorite acts make it?

All That!, Lightwire Theater, Clint Carvalho & His Extreme Parrots, All Wheel Sports, David Garibaldi & his CMYK’s, Jacob Williams, The Magic of Puck, Sebastian, Shanice & Maurice Hayes, Olate Dogs, Tim Hockenberry, and The Untouchables were the performers last night. There are lots of good performers but sad to say, only three will advance to the finals.

Those who might go through are Tim Hockeyberry, David Garibaldi & his CYMK’s and Lightwire Theater. Tim Hockenberry sang “Imagine” by John Lennon and the three judges think he should be in the finals. However, Howard predicts as well that he won’t make it. Will he make it or not?

David Garibaldi and his group painted a statue of liberty and Sharon hopes they go through. The judges loved it though Howard thinks they need to paint a bit faster.

Lightwire Theater, the Glowlight dance group, performed an act which was a fight with two dinosaurs,amazed the judges as well. Sharon is even convinced they could headline a show and Howard likes their originality.

These three are my predictions on who could advance to the finals next week. How about you? Who did you vote for?

By the way, Train will be one of the guest performers tonight plus an act from the previous season will be guesting.

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Shanice and Maurice Hayes, All That! and Lightwire Theater on stage…

Lightwire Theater is in the top 4!

David Garibaldi, Jacob Williams and Sebastien on stage…

David Garibaldi is in the top 4!

All Wheel Sports, Olate Dogs and Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots on stage…

Olate Dogs is in the top 4!

The Magic of Puck, Tim Hockenberry and The Untouchables on stage…

The Untouchables is in the top 4!



– Lightwire Theater

– David Garibaldi

– Olate Dogs

– The Untouchables



The Untouchables

Olate Dogs

David Garibaldi and his CYMK’s



Shanice and Maurice Hayes

All That!

Jacob Williams


All Wheel Sports

Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots

The Magic of Puck

Tim Hockenberry

Lightwire Theater

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  1. I think/want the Olate Dogs, the Untouchables, and any other act to go through! I am kinda surprised that Joe made it last week! He came to my school 2 years ago and performed his sand art act! It was incredible and it is so cool to see him on AGT in the FINALS!!!

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