America’s Got Talent September 7, 2011 Results 9/7/11

America’s Got Talent September 7, 2011 is the top ten results night. From the 10 acts who performed last night, only four will make it to the finale next week. Which acts will be the ones who advanced on America’s Got Talent 9/7/11 results? Find it out here.

All the acts who performed last night deserved to be in the final ten but of course, some stood out while some get buzzed out. Among those we liked are Silhouettes, PopLyfe, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and Team iLuminate. Do you agree with us? Hope they get to be in the final four. We also enjoyed Landon Swank’s performance but felt there should be more to it. Anna Graceman might make it too but the question is if she will be like Jackie Evancho from last year who won runner-up. Will she win if ever or just the runner up?

Anyway, Il Divo and Def Leppard are the guests for tonight.

Four acts out of ten. Who advanced in America’s Got Talent September 7, 2011 elimination results? We’ll keep you posted.

Update: Check out the acts who advanced below. Also answer the poll on who do you think will win. Thoughts?

The final four acts are:

Team iLuminate



Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.



The acts eliminated are;

Smage Brothers Riding Shows

Miami All-Stars

Lys Agnès

Landon Swank

West Springfield Dance Team

Anna Graceman

10 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent September 7, 2011 Results 9/7/11

  1. We LOVE Laundau and we pray that his Rocky / Cinderella ends with him winning.

    That said, we adore Poplyfe and would love to see them open for Landau…..Maybe Poplyfe’s beautiful lead singer could do a duet with him.

    Awesome talents!

  2. Anna deserved to advance over Landau. She is more talented and took more risks. I hope she gets a break. I know I’ll buy her albums.

  3. Anna Graceman sucked and I am so happy that alittle eleven year old didnt go through thank you America you made the right decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Actually, this was the order that I had picked to be in the top 4, so I guess the only one to buzz is POS Morgen. He’s such a moron! How, why, why why why is he on television? Sharon is another Brit, and she is tolerable. But that stuffed-shirt embicile has no place on tv. His opinion is reminiscent of an unwanted, yet not misplaced hemmorhoid.

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