America’s Got Talent September 8 2010 Results 9/8/10

The final four acts will be determined on America’s Got Talent September 8, 2010 results show. There will be no judge’s choice this time so all those who made it are all from the people’s votes. Who do you think will be the four contestants in the finale? Who will get a lot of votes on America’s Got Talent 9/8/10 results?

Alice Tan Ridley almost got into the top 10 contestants. The judges has to choose between her and Studio One Young Beast Society but they selected the dance troupe instead of her. Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan voted for the troupe that’s why she didn’t make it. Would you rather there won’t be judge’s choice?

Sarah McLachlan and the cast of American Idiot will be performing tonight while the results are announced in between performances.

We are guessing Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, Taylor Matthews and Prince Poppycock will be the final four. How about you? Who do you think will make it?

Anyway, stay tuned for live updates. Learn who got selected and who got voted off America’s Got Talent Results September 8, 2010.


The Final Four are:

Prince Poppycock

Michael Grimm

Jackie Evancho

Fighting Gravity

3 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent September 8 2010 Results 9/8/10

  1. Awsome top 5. These are exactly the people I really wanted to move into the finals. I was tied though between Michael Grimm & MIchael Grasso the Magician, but in the end the right four made it through to the finals and are well deserving of the honor.

  2. While Evancho and Fighting Gravity were the two clear finalists and I thought Grimm would make it because of the teenage female vote, the final slot is the one for debate. If the decision is to be based on the evening’s performance, Prince Poppycock should not have advanced. Sorry, but his act was not up to the standards he set in all the previous episodes. He has a great voice. He has a great sense of showmanship. Neither came out in his salute to the country. Hopefully he will return to his strengths and wow us again so the final four will not be a duel of two. (BTW, the camera cuts away from the stage hurt Michael Grasso’s performance – it’s real easy to do a substitution when the camera is focused on the judges. Granted that wasn’t his decision, but the director is harming several acts with his decisions on camera angles and when/where to flip.)

  3. Michal gimm should not be there the fire dude should have at least made it to the top ten I likes him. I also hope the evancho does rly good she has amazing talent and will do vry well in life later

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