America’s Next Top Model 17 December 7, 2011 Finale Results Winner, Who won 12/7/11?

It’s America’s Next Top Model 17 finale tonight, December 7, 2011. One among Allison, Lisa and Angelea will be this season’s winner. Who do you think will win America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 17? Have any predictions? Will provide the results for tonight’s season finale.

Tonight’s episode will have a fashion show that is so out of this world, according to Tyra Banks when interviewed by The Insider. It sure is going to be crazy as the models will be seen through air and underwater all in one performance.

Tyra said the challenge the models will do includes walking, descending into water, walking under water, swimming, putting on a harness, flying, walking the runway. Sounds tough, right? For those who wants to listen again to the songs that these models wrote, they it will be played while the models skip on the runway.

Also, we haven’t seen yet the continuation of Modelland so the continuation will be shown which will lead to the revelation of who the winner is. It will be the first time in ANTM’s history that the winner will be announced in video form, unlike the previous season where Tyra shows the photo of the next top model.

By the way, during the interview video of The Insider, Tyra might have spilled out who the winner is by saying “models are out in modelland, acting like cats and all these crazy stuff that happens in modelland…” Did she just make a hint that Allison is the winner? Allison played a cat in the mini-movie. What do you think?

Anyway, find out who among the final three will it be. Will it be Allison, Lisa or Angelea? Follow us on Twitter if you haven’t done yet and find out who won America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17, December 7, 2011 results. We’ll provide it here.

Update: Lisa wins America’s Next Top Model! Any thoughts, opinion?

What Tyra described as the crazy challenge is done by the models. Lisa first, followed by Angelea then Allision. The models swim, change outfit, fly in the air, take the runway.

Angelea is disqualified from the competition – didn’t get the reason why but will update once we find out. She was disqualified because she posted something on Facebook about this season. The info she posted has been deleted from Fb, but it was in her contract that she couldn’t say anything. Thus, she was disqualified over a FB comment. If you know other reasons, please leave a comment and we’ll update, thanks!

Thus, the final two are:

– Lisa

– Allison

Panel time – looks like the judges likes Lisa more – runway challenge, Covergirl commercial, photo but let’s see. They have to make a decision now and the winner will be announced after.

33 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model 17 December 7, 2011 Finale Results Winner, Who won 12/7/11?

  1. I heard way too many predictions about who the winner is… I wanna find out the truth! I really hope it’s not Angelea I will be so mad! I wish it was between: Alexandria, Laura, & Kayla they were my favorites:) but on the final 3 left 2 of them have alot of talent. Lisa: she is a star, she’s the best. Allison: she Is so unique & she is perfect 4 vogue!:)

  2. Did anybody else get the impression that Angelea won but they were forced into that “do over” when she was disqualified? She was really nervous the day of the runway.

  3. Could it be that she was on drugs or pregnant? I think is so wack that she got disqulified for just making coments on FB that could had been nonesence…. Althou she didnt know how to act, is not entirely her fault, she came from down down and deserved the opportunity to make herself a better person. From the first time i saw her i believe she’s come a looong way.
    Best wishes for her as a fighter and wish she could do some inside search and continues to grow.

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