America’s Next Top Model 18 May 30, 2012 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/30/12?

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 finale is tonight, May 30, 2012. It’s down to the final two, Laura and Sophie. Team US vs Team UK. Who do you think will win among these two models? Is it Laura from New York, or Sophie from England?

Last week was just a rewind of the past challenges this season. Did you get to see the review of the photo shoots and the dramatic personalities this season? If so, who were you excited to see again? Would you have other contestants in the show tonight rather that these final two?

The winner this season will be revealed tonight. But before that, the top 2 models, like in the past seasons, will participate in a Covergirl commercial and photo shoot. One of them will be taken to the hospital due to a panic attack. Who could it be? Tonight’s finale will mark the first time in the show’s history where the models will interact with their lifelike images in a holographic runway show. They must walk in sync with the outline of their own bodies. Who will do better and who will the judges decide to be this season’s top model?

This will be the last time we’ll see Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel on the show with Tyra Banks. They won’t be in the show next season. Meanwhile, international male model Rob Evans will join Kelly Cutrone and Tyra in the juding panel next week, plus Johnny Wujek and will be the new consultant of the show which includes Katy Perry as well. Next season, the show has been moved from Wednesdays to Friday as well. What do you think of these changes?

Anyway, updates on the finale will be provided here. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook if you haven’t done it yet. Later, find out who wins America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 finale. The results will be posted here.

Update: Sophie wins America’s Next Top Model! Laura is runner-up…

Tyra-mail – “Tomorrow is going to be a blast!”

Jay Manuel told the ladies the shoot will be for CoverGirl Color Blast. Jez Smith will film the shoot.

Sophie nails the script while Laura looks self conscious and nervous. Jay then tells her to relax but she’s shaking and her vision starts to blur and she is rushed to the hospital. Laura had a panic attack.


Tyra-mail – next photo shoot is for Vogue Italia. The girls have to do a spa look. Both look great.


Tyra-mail – “Time to show the real you”. The girls have to prepare for the catwalk. The models are told about the holographic show. Ebony, Alisha, Annaliese and Catherine are there to help them.


Laura don’t want to disappoint the judges for giving her one last chance. Sophie said she’s there to prove a Brit can win the competition.


Tyra welcomes the audience to the show. Laura is up first. She looks nervous. Sophie is next and she looks cool. Other models did the runway.

It was the first in ANTM’s history that a live holographic runway show is done. I find it confusing at first but liked the overall runway show.


Tyra tells the top two that the winner will receive a fashion spread at Vogue Italia, a guest correspondent placement with the Extra news magazine, modeling contract with LA Models and NY Model Management, the face of the America’s Next Top Model perfume product “Dream Come True” and a music single by CBS records plus a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.


Laura – Kelly liked it. Nigel says her cover girl commercial was one of the sexiest they have ever done. Laura tells the judges that the shoot was done after her panic attack.

Sophie – Nigel says that was very elegant. Jay thought there was a confidence. On her cover girl commercial, Nigel said that was great voice, believable. Jay says everything is just so cute.


Tyra is about to announce the winner…


The winner is Sophie!

12 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model 18 May 30, 2012 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/30/12?

  1. Kyle was my favorite this season. I can’t wait to see tonight’s finale! I enjoyed this season. I live top model!!!

  2. I am so happy for her . I did not like laura because she was a hater. she was always talking about EBONI who is still love abd wanted to win but she did not. I am happy go UK even though I live in the US. go luck Sophie and i loved her pink hair as well

  3. Its time for America’s Top Model to have a major overhaul. and I don’t believe that Nigel, Ms. Jay, or Jay Manuel are “not” the problem.

    Tyra either Major Change needs to come to your show, or just pack it in…Or Maybe America’s Top Model has all but ran its course.

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