America’s Next Top Model April 11, 2012 Results 4/11/12

America’s Next Top Model is back tonight, April 11, 2012 with an all new episode. The girls are back for a new set of challenges. At the end of the show, at the judging panel, one of them will be leaving. Who will be the next model to get eliminated on ANTM – America’s Next Top Model episode 6?

Titled “Jessica Sutta and Nadine Coyle”, the models will be making and recording music videos. America’s Next Top Model All Star winner Lisa D’ Amato will be mentoring the ladies as they create and record music videos. They will be divided into teams for this task. If you still remember it, there was a task like this last season and if we aren’t mistaken, Lisa also won this challenge. Who will win this time among the models? One of the models will be having a tough time catching on to the choreography. Former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta and Girls Aloud singer Nadie Coyle are the guests for tonight as they offer their expertise at the video shoot.

Meanwhile, the models will be tested with Tyra’s tooch teach. They will be saying “nooch to the hottchy tooch” and one model will be saying “tooch” much.

Going back, Jessica and Nadine will be joining Kelly Cutrone, Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks at the judges’ panel for another elimination.

Who will be leaving tonight? Will it be an American, or another British who will be sent home?

Updates on the show will be provided. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for the results. Find out who among the remaining nine models gets eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 4/11/12? Results will be here.

Update: Azmarie is eliminated.

Challenge – record and perform a music video. American models vs British models. Jessica Sutta mentors the US team while Nadine Coyle mentors the UK team. They will record Tom Polce song.

UK team – Fiercely British

US team – United Sirens of America


– Kyle struggled with the choreography and was too self-conscious. Mr. J thinks she pull down the performance of the group.

– Azmarie didn’t participate in the booty tooch


Challenge winner – UK team


1st call-out – Alicia (best video performance)

2nd – Sophie

3rd – Catherine

4th – Annaliese

5th – Seymone

6th – Laura

7th – Eboni

Kyle – bottom two

Azmarie – bottom two


** Tyra tells Azmarie it’s more than having the personality. She has to commit and learn to cooperate as well.

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