America’s Next Top Model April 18, 2012 Results 4/18/12

The models will do another booty tooch on America’s Next Top Model’s April 18, 2012 episode. Do you want to see that again are you’re tired of seeing the booty tooch and wish they would stop it already? Many want Kyle to be out of the show. Will she be the one who gets eliminated on ANTM – America’s Next Top Model episode 7?

An extreme booty tooch is needed tonight and the models will pose with Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter Estelle to help solve the case of the fake booty tooch. With the title based from her name, the models will do a photo shoot with her and pose with them. They will have to pose as art installations during a dinner party.

Meanwhile, the models will be creating a PSA with some young girls for an anti-bullying campaign. The winners of the challenge will receive a personal video message from a loved one.

Who will win the challenge? Who will win the best photo shoot? Who will do a perfect pose during the party?

Estelle will also join Kelly Cutrone, Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks on the judging panel.

Who do you think will be in the bottom two tonight? Not only the models are wishing the Kyle will go home. Other viewers want Kyle to leave the show too. They said that if Kyle is sent home this week, Azmarie would have been eliminated for nothing. Do you agree?

Again, updates on the show will be posted. In the meantime, while waiting for it, please do follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. One of the 8 remaining models will get eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 4/18/12 tonight. Results will be provided.

Update: Kyle was eliminated.

Task – the models go to LA studio for the PSA commercials. Its UK vs US and the winner will appear on TV and receive a personal message from family or friends. Each model gets assigned a little girl. They had to make some signs and design their shirts.

Challenge winner – UK

Nigle likes the US team thinking it was simple. But he felt there was a little more force with the UK team.


Photo shoot – the booty tooch is back. Ben Shaul is the photographer. They must pose with Estelle as art installations while at a dinner party.



1st call-out – Sophie

2nd – Seymone

3rd – Eboni

4th – Annaliese

5th – Laura

6th – Catherine

Kyle – bottom two

Alisha – bottom two



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  1. Team Kyle. If Kyle is elliminated tonight or anytime soon I will be tuning out. She is way prettier than all of the girls & she is amazing. Go Kyle!!!!:)

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