America’s Next Top Model April 25, 2012 Results 4/25/12

The models become Nicki Minaj on tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. Why did I say that? They are doing a photo shoot wearing Hello Kitty items. Good think no more “booty tooch” and we’re going to see lots of cute Hello Kitty stuff tonight, April 25, 2012.

Last week, it’s US team vs UK team for the models. Each one of them got assigned a little girl and they had to make signs and design their shirts. Challenge winner will appear on TV and receive a personal message from family or friends. The Brits won the challenge.

Tonight, the models will compete to open a fashion show. Titled “Georgina Chapman”, the models go to castings for the opportunity to open a fashion show for one of the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize finalists with fashion’s elite and Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman is the guest. Then at the photo shoot, the contestants will be posing wearing Hello Kitty couture gowns. Some of them will struggle as they wear heavy dresses that might push them over the edge, making the shoot anything but “purr-fect”.

Who do you think will win the challenge and who will get the best photo?

By the way, there are news that Nigel Barker, Ms J andMr Jay won’t be returning next season of America’s Next Top Model. Their contracts won’t be renewed and producer Tyra Banks confirmed the news on Facebook and thanked them for being on the show. Who will replace them then? Do you think the show will still be the same without them?

Anyway, updates will be provided here. While waiting for it, please do follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on your favorite reality show. Find out which of the models will follow Kyle and be the next to be eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 4/25/12. Results will be here later.

Update: Seymone was eliminated.

1st – Alisha (best photo)

2nd – Sophie

3rd – Catherine

4th – Laura

5th – Annaliese

Seymone – bottom two

Eboni – bottom two

5 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model April 25, 2012 Results 4/25/12

  1. Antm is going 2 be so lame without Kyle, she was the BEST! I guess now I’m team Sophie. I think Laura will get best photo & eboni will be challenge winner. I predict cathrine or Alisha is going home.

  2. LOL to whoever thought kyle was the best, she was so annoying and bad, totally glad she left, Sophie all the way!! I hope the next one to go home is eboni and then I don know!! I love all I them!!

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