America’s Next Top Model February 29, 2012 Cycle 18 Premiere Results 2/29/12

America’s Next Top Model is back tonight, February 29. 2012. The CW series is now on it’s cycle 18 and it’s going to be different this season as top model goes international. This is also the first time that the show is filmed and broadcast in high definition. But of course, judging is still the same and one of the models will go home each week and beginning tonight, one of them will be eliminated in ANTM America’s Next Top Model premiere.

This is the first international competition in the reality series. 7 British All-Stars will cross the Atlantis to compete with 7 up and coming American models. It’s going to be the ultimate top model culture clash. Thus, this season is dubbed as America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion.

The American contestants are: AzMarie Livingston, Candace Smith, Ebonee Davis, Kyle Gober, Laura LaFrate, Mariah Watchman and Seymone Roth. The British contestants are: Alisha White, Annaliese Dayes, Ashley Brown, Catherine Thomas, Jasmia Robinson, Louise Watts and Sophie Sumner.

For the premiere episode tonight titled “Kelly Osbourne”, the first photo shoot will have the women squaring off while posing as famous British and American public figures. Who will win the challenge? Who will be able to make it more realistic?

By the way, Kelly Cutrone is the new judge this season, replacing Andre Leon Talley. She’ll join Tyra Banks and Nigel Barker in the judging panel together with different guest judges each week. For tonight, Kelly Osbourne is the guest judge.

Who will be the first call-out? Who will be the bottom two? We’re here again to give you the results for this show each week. Follow us on Twitter of the updates on the show. Find out the first model who gets eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 2/29/12 results.

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Update: Jasmia Robinson was eliminated.

1st call out – Seymone Roth – best girl in the photo

2nd – Kyle Gober

3rd – Sophie Sumner

4th – Laura LaFrate

5th  – Catherine Thomas

6th – Candace Smith

7th – Mariah Watchman

8th – AzMarie Livingston

9th – Ebonee Davis

10th – Louise Watts

11th – Alisha White

12th – Annaliese Dayes

Jasmia Robinson – bottom two

Ashley Brown – bottom two – she stays because the judges like her.

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