America’s Next Top Model March 14, 2012 Results 3/14/12

American’s Next Top Model March 14, 2012 episode is going to be interesting. Who’s your favorite so far? Two models were already sent home. Who will follow and be the next who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model, episode 3?

Nothing destroys a top model like a bad temper. That’s what the episode tonight will be about. The challenge for tonight will be for the models to create an ad campaign, which includes casting, wardrobe, providing props and hair and make-up. The mentor for tonight’s episode is Kelly Cutrone and during the challenge, she intimidates some of the women. She commented to one of the models that what they are doing is a fashion shoot and they shouldn’t look dead. Louise, one of the models won’t take what she said lightly. The issue didn’t stop at the photo shoot since it went on until the judging panel. Kelly Cutrone tells Louise she’s very condescending and rude to her. Louise tells it’s Kelly who’s rude to her. Tyra Banks also commented that she have a problem with authority, which could have triggered her walking out of the panel.

Who’s the one who is really rude? Who will be the first call out for tonight? Will Louise making a stand lead to her being the one to be kicked off tonight?

Cat Deeley is the guest judge for tonight. She’ll be joining Kelly Cutrone, Nigel and Tyra Banks at the judging panel.

Updates will be here. While waiting for it, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. The model, whether it’s Louise or not, who gets eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 3/14/12 results will be provided. The order of the call-outs will be here as well.

Update: Louise quits.

1st call-out – Azmarie (best photo)

2nd – Sophie

3rd – Laura

4th – Kyle

5th – Katherine

6th – Symone

7th – Annaliese

8th – Louise


** Candane, Eboni, Ashley and Alish are in the bottom but the judges decided to keep everyone because they can take criticism, unlike Louise.

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