America’s Next Top Model March 28, 2012 Results 3/28/12

The contestants will do another set of challenges on America’s Next Top Model March 28, 2012 episode. After Candace was sent home last week, there are 10 remaining models left to do the next photo shoot and runway challenge. Who will be in the bottom two and who will get eliminated on ANTM – America’s Next Top Model episode 5?

The models will travel, going to Toronto for fashion week. The girls are going on castings with real designers for real shows that will happen on that week. They also get to book modeling jobs. It will be their first taste of the real fashion world and it’s going to be big. Some have never done any professional runway while some, if not most of them, are nervous. Some of them also get discouraged when they were not able to book any runway shows. Not all of them are ready to walk as well.

Meanwhile, for the photo shoot, the models will have to pose in foliage while being covered with maple syrup. Will they be able to do this photo shoot?

“Beverly Johnson” is the title of tonight’s episode with the model herself as one of the judges. She will join Nigel Barker, Kelly Cutrone and Tyra Banks at the judging panel.

Will your favorite model be leaving tonight? Will Azmarie win the best photo three times in a row? Some don’t like her while some think she should win. Many like Kyle too and think she should win. Will she be in the bottom two tonight?

As always, updates on the show will be posted here. While waiting for it, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook so that you can get the latest results. We’ll post updates during or right after the show. Who among the models gets eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 3/28/12? Results will be provided.

Update: Ashley is eliminated.

No new episode on April 4, 2012 due to One Tree Hill series finale.

The girls are in Toronto for casting for real shows. The model who books the most shows and does the best will win pieces from Jay’s collection. The winner also gets the opportunity to fly back to Canada, at the Calgary Stampede for a special event. The winners of the challenge are Eboni and Sophie. Both booked 4 jobs each and both did well on the runway as well.

– Symone didn’t book a job.

Photo shoot – the models will be covered in organic made maple syrup. Miguel Jacob is their photographer.


1st call-out – Eboni (best photo)

2nd – Azmarie

3rd – Sophie

4th – Symone

5th – Laura

6th – Kyle

7th – Alicia

8th – Annaliese

Ashley – bottom two

Catherine – bottom two





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