America’s Next Top Model May 16, 2012 Results 5/16/12

There are 3 remaining models left on America’s Next Top Model tonight. It’s supposed to be 4 but Alisha left last week because she felt she was taking an opportunity for some girls who deserve it more than her. She didn’t see herself in every photos that she produced as well. Thus, 3 models remain. Who will be the the next model to leave?

Alisha was in the bottom two together with Eboni and the eliminated contestant was Ebonie. However, Alisha still quit for lack of confidence in herself for lack of confidence. Someone commented that maybe Alisha was scared of not winning so that she could tell herself she might have chances at winning if she stayed. What do you think about it?

Tonight, it’s down to the final three. Two British models and one American model remain. Being in the final 3, Annaliese says nobody expect her to win while Sophie says she needs the judges to see how much it means to her. Laura also wants it so bad that she can’t go home. However, at the photo shoot for the “America’s Next Top Model” fragrance – Dream Come True, her photo shoot is everything but a dream come true. Will this be the end of the road for her after getting the best photo the past two weeks? They must pose in front of the client, Ben Bennett who is the Hatch Beauty founder.

Meanwhile, one of the women will lose her confidence and crumble under the pressure as they attend go-sees. Who among Laura, Annaliese and Sophie could it be?

The episode title tonight is “Jez Smith”, who is also the photographer at the photo shoot. He will join the panel for elimination.

Will Laura win the best photo for the third time or will she be the next who will be sent home? Will it be an all British model at the finale or will it be one American and one British model?

Anyway, updates will be posted, as always. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on ANTM and other reality shows. Who will be the final two models? Who gets eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 5/16/12? Results will be here.

Update: Annaliese gets eliminated! The final two are Laura and Sohpie!

The models receive Tyra Mail – “Get Up and Go For It”. They will go on go-sees. Every job they book will give them thousand dollars and they get a model each. The winner of the photo shoot will have her picture used for the campaign.


Henry Lau won’t book Annaliese. He needs someone more sexy while William Tang loved Annaliese.

Gregory Derham loved Sophie…

Laura in Nude is Rude. The designers thought she looked good in the clothes but her walk wasn’t great. Same when they went back to Kelly Cutrone. The designers liked her except for her walk. Meanwhile, they loved Annaliese and Sophie.

Number of bookings:

Laura – 2 out of 4

Annaliese – 3 out of 4

Sophie – 4 out of 4

Challenge winner – Sophie

Another Tyra Mail – they will do a photoshoot for “Dream Come True” fragrance.


Laura – Nigel thought she’s gorgeous, ethereal. Jez Smith thought she looks like a goddess. Kelly said she is embodying a 50 woman and Tyra said it looks beautiful but she’s not the target demographic

Annaliese – Kelly likes it, but she is little muscular and don’t think the target demographic will buy it. Nigel thought it was beautiful picture but she doesn’t look like a model. Jez Smith sayd you’re gorgeous and bubbly before but froze off while doing the photo shoot.

Sophie – Jez Smith said the photo shoot is made for her. Nigel thought it’s not so beautiful but it’s actually stunning.



– Sophie

– Laura




13 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model May 16, 2012 Results 5/16/12

  1. I think Sophie should win! 😀 Laura is gorgeous and does a good job. But I hated her since the beginning. She is too cocky! Sophie is cute and fun! I think she should win! I would rather have Annaliese win then laura!! D:

  2. I love Sophie and Laura! They deserve to be in the finals. Sophie even said in an episode that she’d like to see herself and Laura battle in the finals 🙂 She called it!

  3. My 2 favorites.! 🙂 Laura and Sophie.! It’s so obvious, American vs. Brit. is supposed to be the final two. But the exciting question is.. Will it be Laura or Sophie.? 🙂 I don’t mind who wins, they are both amazing.! Zagilicious and Illuminata 🙂

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