America’s Next Top Model May 2, 2012 Results 5/2/12

There are 6 remaining models left and tonight on America’s Next Top Model British Invasion, they hit the road to Macau. While there, they will get a reading from an astrologer and will be challenged in recreating their auras through fashion and beauty. How will they be able to do that?

Last week, the models wore heavy dresses with Hello Kitty accessories designed by Francis Libiran for the photoshoot. Many of them struggled and Seymone irritated which made her land in the bottom two and eventually eliminated.

Tonight, some or most of them might struggle in Macau even if some of them find the place nice. They will be accessorized in silkworms, literally. It’s slippery and so gross and some might find it too much.

Titled “Barney Cheng”, the Taiwanese American actor will be joining Nigel Barker, Kelly Cutrone and Tyra Banks on the judging panel to criticize the outcome of the photoshoot.

What will be the challenge for tonight? Will it be the Brits vs the Americans again? Who will win the best photo for tonight? Eboni was in the bottom two last week. Will she step up tonight and be the first call-out?

Again, updates on the show will be here. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on ANTM and other reality shows. Only five models will be left after tonight. Who will be the final five and who will be out of the competition as she gets eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 5/2/12? Results will be posted.

Update: Catherine is eliminated.

Challenge – The girls meet Clement Chen and reads all the girl’s fortunes.  Then the girls are given 10 minutes to go and use makeup and change their aura. They have to use his advice on colors to change their aura. The winner will get a spa treatment.

– The winner of this challenge is Laura. Ebonie gets to go with her.


Photoshoot – model gowns with silkworms


1st call-out – Laura (best photo)

2nd – Annaliese

3rd – Sophie

4th – Eboni

Catherine – bottom two

Alisha – bottom two


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  1. What’s been up the past couple of weeks???? There has been no updates!!!!!!!!! I’m tired of having 2 look at like 6 different websites to find updates. Anyway, Laura got best photo, Alisha and Catherine were in the bottom 2 and Catherine went home.

    • Hi Donnie, there isn’t any week that there’s no update on top model. It could be caching issues on your part. Try to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you’ll know if there are results already.

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