America’s Next Top Model May 9, 2012 Results 5/9/12

From Macau, the 5 remaining models head out to Hong Kong for their next set of tasks. Two American models and three British models, who will be the next go be eliminated tonight? The challenge might be tough for some or most of the models tonight. Will one of them won’t be able to do it?

Last week, the models travel to Macao where they got fortune reading. They were also asked to recreate their aura by fashion with Laura winning the challenge. The photo shoot they had was gross since they posed with silk gowns accessorized with silkworms. Laura also got the best photo.

Tonight, the models will get high as they visit Hong Kong. They will be challenged to learn a fight sequence and act in a scene with Nicholas Tse, an international actor and a pop star. Then, they must hang on for dear life as they have to post while harnessed atop a high rise tower, about 764 feet up. Extreme rain and wind will be experienced by the models. Sophie says she don’t do heights while the others say they can’t do it. Will no one be able to do this challenge?

Nicholas Tse will be joining Kelly Cutrone, Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks on the judging panel.

Meanwhile, on Tyra related news, Tyra and Drake were spotted on a date at Disney World. The couple were photographed on several rides together. What do you think of them together?

Going back, who will win the challenge and get the best photo tonight? Alisha was in the bottom two last week. Will it happen again tonight? Will she be the next model who will be sent home?

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Update: Eboni was eliminated while Alicia left. Alicia tells them she wants to leave as well. She asked Tyra to let Eboni stay but Tyra said no. 

Challenge – the girls have to learn some lines and karate moves. Laura gets to practice with Nicholas Tse since she won best photo last week. The winner is Laura. Her price is a trip back to Hong Kong.


Photoshoot – taken on the Macau Tour. The girls were terrified! Sophie was asked to be first and said no. But when Laura volunteered, she changed her mind.


1st call-out – Laura (best photo)

2nd – Sophie

3rd – Annaliese

Eboni – bottom two (eliminated)

Alisha – bottom two (quit)



7 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model May 9, 2012 Results 5/9/12

  1. The pictures this week are so pretty! I love Sophie’s & Laura’s! I think analeese will be the next girl eliminated followed by eboni.

  2. Thats annoying when girls quit. It basically means that they were there for NOTHING! Alisha was so good & had the MOST potential along with LYLE

  3. Why did Alisha quit? (Yeah, Jess, I liked Kyle too.) I think she was scared of not winning. This way she can tell herself that she would have won if she had stayed. Which she wouldn’t have. All the sex talk kinda made me feel differently about Laura. She was one of my faves, but that editing made her look creepy. I love Sophie, and I wasn’t prepared to like ANY Brits. But Annaliese has grown on me too. So I’m pretty excited about the final 3 now. They all deserve it and I won’t be disappointed if any of them win.

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