America’s Next Top Model November 16, 2011 Results 11/16/11

The models are still in Greece in America’s Next Top Model All Stars November 16, 2011. Five models are left to compete for the next challenge, where they continue to explore Greece. What will be their tasks for tonight and what will be the highlight for this episode? Which model will be the next to be eliminated?

Titled “Exploring Greece”, it won’t all be work for the models as they get some time off to enjoy Greece more and its night life. The models go partying. But it won’t be all about parties as the challenges continues. One challenge will have the models judging each other and one of the contestants will be confronted by her insecurities so expect some drama and tension as this all-star may not be able to handle the agony of defeat.

Meanwhile, the other challenge will have the all-stars will compete in a top model Olympiad as the models re-create the ancient Olympic sports. Angelea will do the shot put, Allison with pose with a discus, Dominique to pose with a javelin, Laura will pose with a bow and Lisa with the hurdle. This one is a bit amusing, with the models seeming a bit funny during the photo shoot. It will be an interesting episode as the models struggle in doing the right pose with the different Olympic sports.

Who will get the best photo tonight? How about the first call-out? Who do you think will be sent home in this episode? We can’t decide who we’d want to get eliminated in America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) 11/16/11. We’ll just provide the results on who are in the final four. Follow us on twitter for the latest updates, if you haven’t done yet.

Update: Dominique was eliminated; Thoughts?

First call-out – Laura

2nd – Allison

3rd – Lisa

4th – Dominique


Bottom Two:



17 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model November 16, 2011 Results 11/16/11

  1. Hmm, I wonder who will go home tonight.
    I think Angelea should stay because she is REALLY funny. I always crack up when she is doing the personal interviews. 🙂

  2. I like ANGELEA and I can’t stand LISA! But Angelea needs to get stronger. And ALLISON is not CUTE at all, WHY is she even there?????

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