America’s Next Top Model November 2, 2011 Results 11/2/11

America’s Next Top Model All-Stars November 2, 2011 is what we are excited to see. Only seven models left after the double elimination last week, with Kayla and Bianca sent home. Who will follow these two models and won’t be able to participate in the challenge next week? Who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 11/2/11?

Tonight’s challenge can be considered as the most difficult challenge. It’s not just a simple posing and acting, but writing and singing as well. Titled “Game”, the models will be asked to write and sing a song about their lives. That’s not all, they won’t just turn into writers, but singers too! Rapper Game will direct the models in music videos that are based from their songs. It’s not that easy so some of the models struggle with the task and have emotional breaking points.

Lisa won the challenge last week. Will she win this one again? She could be the most experience in making music videos since she has already self-produced a few music videos. But there might be some good models too.

Game will also join Andre’ Leon Tally, Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks in the judging panel.

Which models do you think will be in the bottom two? Have any predictions on who will be leaving tonight? Our guess is Dominique. How about you?

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Update: Alexandria was eliminated;

Bottom two – Alexandria and Angelea

Reward Challenge winner – Lisa

First call out – Allison

13 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model November 2, 2011 Results 11/2/11

  1. Tyra should shave her hair off and be bald to see how beautiful she will be instead she shaves off all black girls hair off and give white girls long weaves. SHE’S WACK!!!!

  2. Oh, wow, go Allison! I’m interested to see why Alexandria was eliminated, since she hasn’t been so awful this cycle. My faves that are still in it are Shannon, Allison, and Laura. I wonder if they’re going international next episode?

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