America’s Next Top Model November 23, 2011 Results 11/23/11

Tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model – that’s November 23, 2011 airing from 9pm to 10 pm on The CW, is a catch-up episode. The challenges, photo shoots and even drama will be reviewed. The highlights that made the season interesting will be shown. Which do you think is the best episode this season? What challenges are your favorites?

Our favorite episodes were “Exploring Greece” and “Game”. It was so much fun to watch. The photo shoots were also fun and add to that were the photo shoot where they gave tribute to Michael Jackson. So much drama have happened as well, with the last one with Shannon not daring to wear an underwear during a shoot. Of course, we won’t forget Bianca who we consider as the drama queen.

What about you? What do you consider as the most memorable episode(s) this season? What are your favorite moments between the ladies? Who’s your favorite guest judge? Do you think the final four remaining contestants – Laura, Angelea, Allison and Kayla Lisa deserve their spot?

That’s about it for the show tonight. New challenges will be aired next week where the final four competes in another runway and photo shoot challenge. For now, just enjoy the episode.

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  1. You said Laura, Angelea, Allison, and Kayla are still in the compitition…Kayla got out a couple weeks ago. The final four are Laura, Angelea, Allison, and Lisa.

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