America’s Next Top Model November 30, 2011 Results 11/30/11

It’s an all-new America’s Next Top Model November 30, 2011 episode. The final four models will turn fashion bloggers and actresses for their next challenge. Who will win the challenge and who will be the first call-out after the judging panel? Who will Tyra Banks and the judges send home and be eliminated?

The competition gets more intense as the finale gets near and for their first challenge, the All-Stars must write a fashion blog for Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief. Who among the models could write the best article?

Meanwhile, while on their second day of their fashion editorial challenge, Tyson Beckford is introduced to the girls. Tyson Bedford is the most famous male supermodel in the world today and the ladies are surely star-struck when they see him. Some are shy while some are aggressive enough to ask a hug from him.

For the next challenge, the models will do something epic. They are going to star in Tyra’s world premiere fashion film with Tyson Beckford and at the judging panel, the judges couldn’t come to agreement on who got the best photo.

Who will Andre, Nigel, Tyra, and guest judge Tyson choose to send home? Will it be Lisa, Angelea, Laura or Allison? Who do you want to go home tonight? Who will make it to the final three next week? We won’t give any predictions and will leave it up to you guys on who do you think will be in the top three.

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Update: Laura was eliminated;

Angelea wins the blog challenge

First call-out – Lisa (best performance)

2nd – Angelea

3rd – Allison


Bottom two:

Allison and Laura

21 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model November 30, 2011 Results 11/30/11

  1. Team Laura!!!!!!:) I would like to see Lisa, Laura, and allison in top 3 but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. I predict Lisa will go home and Allison will be the favorite in tonights episode because she is weirdly pretty and Tyra and the judges love that.

  2. What the f**k!? Why does everyone I like always go home??? First Kayla, Alexandria, then rob kardashian on dancing with the stars now Laura I’m so pissed:(

  3. In the past, models were sent home because they were inconsistent. Angelea has been in the bottom about four times, but she’s rising from the ashes. It makes no sense.

  4. Go Allison! So awesome. I can only wish I looked like her. Angelea must have a predetermined win, because if it was fair in any way she would have been sent home AGES ago. Seriously, bottom two FOUR times?! And you make it to the finale?! Kidding me, right?

  5. I can’t believe they sent home my southern sweet girl. Young girl with this young boy who knew they were so pure?-Laura’s song:) pot ledom!!!!!

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