America’s Next Top Model November 9, 2011 Results 11/9/11

The models go international as they travel to Greece for America’s Next Top Model All-Stars November 9, 2011 episode, which airs from 9pm to 10pm ET on The CW. All of them are excited, especially those who will be traveling overseas for the first time. There are only six models left and as common with the past seasons, they final six will travel out of the country for their next challenge.

The remaining models arranged by call-outs last week are – Allison, Lisa, Dominique, Laura, Shannon and Angelea. These all-stars will have the opportunity to collaborate with haute couture designer Michael Cinco for what could be their final runway gown. But that’s not the only purpose why they are in Greece. They are also going to pose in underwear for their next photo shoot. But Shannon, who has strong beliefs and morals won’t post wearing only her underwear? Being firm about this might secure her place for elimination. Did the show did it on purpose so that she won’t win the competition? But posing in underwear is common for models, so this kind of modeling may not be really for her.

Meanwhile, Laura gets extremely sick, most probably because of the change in climate or something, but she may still be up for the challenge even when sick.

Photographer Nikos Papadopoulos is the guest judge for night, joining Andre Leon Talley and Nigel Barker with Tyra Banks on the panel to decide who will they send home.

Who will their favorite model for this episode be? Who will have the best photo shoot? Who will get the first call-out? Shannon is most likely the one who will get eliminated in America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) 11/9/11. We’ll be surprised if she stays. Anyway, we’ll provide the results if it’s really her. Follow us on twitter for the latest updates.

Update: Shannon was eliminated;

First call-out – Dominique

Bottom two – Laura and Shannon

Tyra says Laura’s photos is the opposite of lovable. Shannon, a girl that is pure to her brand and finds it noble.

Tyra says Shannon is not just going home because of the photo shoot. The judges looked at her previous photos and realized she haven’t had any great photos and didn’t win any challenge.


13 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model November 9, 2011 Results 11/9/11

  1. Hope Laura feels better. Also, I hope that Shannon stays because she is very good at modeling and is SO pretty! I also like Allison and Lisa. To my opinion, even though I like her, I think Dominque should go home…don’t judge me, it’s just how I feel! But, I will have to watch the episode to make sure.

  2. as a personal friend of Shannon, I am happy she got the boot because she has way too much class for the likes of ANTM! I saw her on Monday at her grandma’s funeral and told her so….she is one classy girl and I’m so proud of her!!! 🙂

  3. that b*tch shannon should have gotton voted off because you cant not do what the photographer asks and succeed in the buissness and besides her dress she wore showed more then the underwear would have

  4. At least in America, models don’t have to put up with b*tch stylists like Georgina Wilson representing a cheap manufacturer of lingerie and other apparel from an impoverished country in Asia where women work long hours for less than $10.00 a day.. That woman “stylist” is also a model in Asia, and a TV host of a channel in that region. She got on ATNM to get herself press and is boasting of her appearance on the episode taking advantage of humiliating a Christian model. She by the way, is the girlfriend of the grandson of the famous dictators, Marcos family of the Philippines who gained tremendous wealth from oppressing their people.

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