America’s Next Top Model October 19, 2011 Results 10/19/11

America’s Next Top Model All-Stars October 19, 2011 will have Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha as the guest. What will be the challenge for the models tonight? Who will be in the bottom two and which model gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 10/19/22?

The models will be working with a team and in a pair in the episode tonight. They will be divided in pairs but this time, they are to pose with Coco Rocha while they will be divided into two teams for a flag challenge with pro football players.

That’s not all. The highlight could be Bianca being out for the attack. Will the models be able to control her?

No one was sent home last week so for this week, 2 models might get eliminated.

Anyway, follow us on twitter and get the latest updates on the show. Who was eliminated in America’s Next Top Model 10/19/11 results? It will posted here.

UpdateBre Scullark was eliminated;

First call-out:Dominique Reighard

Bottom two: Bre Scullark & Alexandria Everett

5 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model October 19, 2011 Results 10/19/11

    • Laura did ok, but if you are going to base the rank with the call-outs, she’s the third in the bottom. Callout orders are Dominique, Lisa, Bianca, Angelea, Allison, Kayla, Shannon and Laura, then Bre and Alexandria.

      Alexandria was in the bottom two possible because of Bre. They were the partners in the photo shoot with Coco Rocha. Bre was out of control during the shoot, which was a battle scene and Coco got scared.

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