America’s Next Top Model October 26, 2011 Results 10/26/11

America’s Next Top Model All-Stars October 26, 2011, nine models are still in the running but at the end of the episode one will be sent home. Who do you think is the next model who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 10/26/11?

Kathy Griffin is the guest judge for tonight. The girls will be creating their signature scent as one of the challenges. They will launch the scent at a public event while posing in a bathtub. Who will win it?

Meanwhile, the photo shoot tonight will have models will pose as reality stars riding in a motor cycle. Who will have the best photo? That’s not the only highlight of the show tonight. Also expect some tension between the models and Bianca. Who will she be having a fight with next?

Who will be in the bottom two? Follow us on twitter to get the updates on the show tonight. The next contestant who was eliminated in America’s Next Top Model 10/26/11 results will be posted, as always.

Update: It’s double elimination – Kayla Ferrel and Bianca Golden were eliminated;

First call – Lisa D’Amato

2nd – Angelea Preston

3rd – Laura Kirkpatrick

4th – Alexandria Everett

5th – Allison Harvard

6th – Dominique

7th – Shannon Ratliff

** Lisa has immunity due to winning the first challenge.

8 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model October 26, 2011 Results 10/26/11

  1. im so pis*ed kayla was sent home shouldnt of been her she is one of my all time favs im glad bianas gone though she was a whiny baby

  2. We all have our fan favs, but you have to consider who in this competition is displaying what exactly an All Star is. Someone who is likeable, outgoing, noticeable, and maretable and in my honest opion, Lisa is the clear frontrunner! You go girl! PS, Camelle was my fan fav.

  3. Thank Goodness Bianca is Gone!! Kayla should still be there…What were those judges thinking ? After these shows,,you never see any of these models anywhere…

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