Andrew Gordon Big Brother 12 Interview Video

39 year-old podiatrist Andrew Gordon from Miami Beach Florida is put on the hot seat, like the other Big Brother 12 contestants. Here are some transcripts from the interview video answering questions from fans.  Video follows the transcript.

We know from previous seasons that House Guests tend to be a tad too nice the first few weeks.  Are you willing to actually show your true colors from the beginning?

– No, you don’t wanna show anything from the beginning and to be honest, I know I’m lying from the beginning so no, I’m not showing anything…

Do you see a showmance happening this season?

– If there’s someone who’s Jewish and a good looking girl, for sure I’ll definitely be flirtatious on the show. No question about it, but showmance, I don’t think so.  I’m not going that far for it, sorry.

What are you looking forward to the most this season: the competitions, the drama, or maybe a showmance?

– I’m looking forward to, no question about it, competition.  I’m in there to play the game.  I like competitions.  I’m curious to see how this year, what type of competition, if it’s gonna be of intellect or physical, I’m ready for all of it, me being a triathlete, I can’t wait.

How are you going to play the game like nobody has played it? What gives you the advantage over the other House Guests to help you win at the end?

– I’m the smartest in the house for sure, there’s no question about it.  Intellectually, game wise I’m the smartest in the house.  I think I can read other people…other than that I do have disadvantages because of me being Jewish I will not be able to eat what they eat….

Do you believe in backstabbing or backdooring someone while in the house?

– No question about it.  I think the best way to get someone out of the house is backdooring that person…,

Andrew Gordon Big Brother 12 Interview Video

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