Annie Whittington Big Brother 12 Interview Video

Bartender Annie Whittington is from Tampa, Florida. She answered about four questions from fans during when put on a hot seat. Here is the transcript. Video follows after.

What is one secret that you wouldn’t want the other House Guests to find out?
– If there’s one secret that I don’t want the House Guests to find out about me, at least right away, it would be that I’m bisexual. I found in other seasons that people tend to judge and that reaction there might be a really strong republican or really strong person who is against it and I don’t want that one aspect of my life to affect my whole entire time in the game. So if there was one thing, it would be that. Hopefully I feel comfortable and open with the people and eventually I will start telling people, but initially, I’m not going to.

How do you decide to take 3 months ‘off’ of your life for a slim chance to win the money?
– Pretty easy. There are so few people who get the opportunity like this. I would take off a year to have a slim chance to win any kind of money. I’m a very adventurous person. One time I booked a one way ticket, got a backpack and moved to New Zealand for a while. So it’s something that I’m used to doing so I think I really have a good chance that’s one in twelve or thirteen and why not? It’s pretty easy to me.

Are you going to be a bitter jury member if you make it that far because you didn’t win?
– Absolutely not! What drives me crazy about this game is people in the end being bitter in voting for somebody that was wasn’t mean to them or their friends. I want to vote for the person who backstabbed me, who was mean, who was mean to everybody, but still made it to the end because that means they’re a good player. So I absolutely would not be bitter and I want to vote for who deserves it, not for my bestfriend in the house.

What is your biggest fear in the game besides eviction?
– My biggest fear in the game besides getting evicted is just letting people down back home. People have told me for a long time they thought I should have done this years ago and I never did and I never in a million years would have thought I would have made it this far and to be quite honest, nobody in my life knows, not even my family knows that I’m here right now. So, my biggest fear is just to let them down, that since I did make it this far I really want to go out of the way. I need the money, my family needs the money and I want to win it for the people who have supported me all along. So, that would be my biggest fear.

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